holiday movie review

8 Jan

my family loves going to the movies. it’s always something we enjoy doing together and this Christmas there were a few movies we were wanting to see…and they all turned out to be good ones.


Frozen is Disney’s latest offering in the princess musical/movie category…and it didn’t disappoint. I think we can all agree that ever since pixar arrived on the scene Disney has struggled to keep up in the animated movie category. But they seemed to get the formula right with Frozen. From the soundtrack to the story, the animation and the hilarious snowman Olaf  this was just a precious movie that keeps you entertained and laughing the whole time. This is a great family movie.


saving mr banksSaving Mr. Banks

I think we can all agree that Mary Poppins is a classic family movie we all loved. I loved watching it growing up and remember singing along with Julie and Dick. But what I’ve never done is actually read the book this movie is based off of. I also knew nothing of P.L. Travers and how Disney came to acquire this beloved story. Enter Saving Mr. Banks. From the moment I saw this preview I knew I wanted to see the movie and would love it. I mean come on…Emma Thompson, Colin Farrell, Paul Giamatti, DJ Novak & Tom Hanks playing Walt Disney, how could it be bad! I’m a sucker for “the story behind the story” movies so this was so fun to watch. I had no idea P.L. Travers background or that she grew up in Queensland, Australia!! My home state! She had a hard childhood with an alcoholic father and a mother who had some bonding issues but this movie showed that she had a deep love for her parents and a strong passion for making sure the story she wrote was translated from the page to the screen well. You could also see that through the process of making the movie P.L. Travers learned to open up her own heart and not be afraid to let go of her past hurts so she could show love and kindness to others. Please go see this delightful movie! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll want to go home and watch Mary Poppins again and you’ll most definitely want to go fly a kite.

walter mittyThe Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Want a movie that has adventure, romance, humor, amazing scenery and a great story? The Secret Life of Walter Mitty delivers. Ben Stiller does not play his normal, wacky crude humor part in this movie and I really appreciated that. This was a great movie that inspires you to not be afraid to jump out of your comfort zone and embrace the adventures that we can experience in life. This movie has a great sound track…I also now would like to visit Greenland. This was a really great film.


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