so…remember when I had a blog?

14 Jun

…and i actually wrote on it. yea…that was fun.

i’ve been a bit out of touch lately…and for good reason. let me tell you what’s been goin’ on.

ever since i got back from spain i feel like i’ve been on a really fast lazy river ride. does that even make sense? let me explain…so when you are on a lazy river you are just floating along on your inner tube, letting the current take you where it wills. you don’t have much control over it. well the past month has felt like that…only really fast. like so fast i might not believe you if you told me there is this month that occurs between april and june…people call it may…that’s how crazy fast life has been.

so i got back from spain, took a few days off to recoup from that trip and then went head-long into planning (with my mom) for my big 30th birthday party. oh yea! i forgot to mention i turned the big 3-0 in espana! it was a wonderful day. but the big celebration was happening on may 17th. and what a celebration it was. my party was so much fun! i literally had people from almost every part of my life there. from family to college friends to friends from church to friends from mtw. it was so cool. i hated that i didn’t really get to visit with everyone like i would have liked. but it was a fun party, with good food and good people. thank you so much to everyone who came.

but! while the party wasn’t a surprise, little did i know i had a surprise waiting for me a few days before.

this is what one look like when one’s best friend for 21 years flies half way around the world (literally….she flew from australia) and surprises one for her 30th birthday party.


it was insane! i’ve never been so shocked in my whole life! i still can not believe she did that. and with a 10 week old baby! 10 weeks!!

and for your viewing pleasure…we have it captured on video.

it is still fun for me to watch.

and starting at that moment…everything i thought i was doing for the next two weeks completely changed.

when your best friend comes to america for the first time…you’ve got to show her around. and that means…

new york city, charleston, and lots of shopping 😉 to be honest with you i barely took any pictures! i was really just trying to stay in the moment and enjoy kate’s visit.

it was so much fun. and then she left. which was not so much fun. and i went into mourning for 3 days.

since then i’ve been playing catch up and getting prepped for what has become a very busy summer. all of which i am super excited about.

i’ve been spending lots of time in the kitchen too! after all the birthday celebrations were over i really wanted to get back to basics and start eating as whole and clean as i could. i could tell my body and gut needed it. as a happy result i have some fun recipes that have occurred. most by accident. i’ll be sure to share them soon.

here’s a little compilation of pictures that i did take during the birthday celebrations. enjoy!


ugly cry!


dulce vegan bakery in kirkwood provided cupcakes for me for my party. and oh my word were they good.


party decorations!


me and my momma! thank you so much for throwing me an awesome party!

Image 6

good friends from church



Image 9

samford friends


the fam at stone mountain


me and annie getting to know each other. did i mention annie’s middle name is clare…just like me…*wink wink*


on our way to new york!


carriage tour of charleston


me and mary! love me some mrs. graham. i’m so glad she made the trip with kate too.

Image 4

in charleston we got to visit with michael walters who was our youth pastor in australia. was so great to catch up with him! and meet his wife rachel and son thomas.

  IMG_2250 Image 1



One Response to “so…remember when I had a blog?”

  1. Josh June 14, 2013 at 10:34 pm #

    Ha ha… What a great read….it’s all a bit of a blur for us as we’ll. but I got a ny hat to wear which is cool…

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