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while at the DMV

11 Apr

random thoughts that ran through my head while waiting at the DMV.

1. I should have brought some thank you cards to write while I wait.

2. the more I try and figure out the number calling system the more I will get frustrated that my number is not being called.

3. it really is amazing the diversity of people that are all sitting in one room.

4. I hope my picture turns out good.

5. I should have brought a snack.

6. I need to remember to have patience with the folks working here. I can’t imagine processing through this many people on a given day.

7. I should have brought a jacket…it’s chilly in here.

8. Seeing all the nervous kids here to take their driving test is making me remember my process to get my license. That’s a long story….

9. It would be nice if they had wifi in here.

10. oh my gosh…I just fell asleep. did I miss my number??

11. …………

12. I’m next!

10 mins later…

13. am I next??

14. well that wasn’t horrible. waited 50 mins, at the counter for 10.

TA DA! much better.

Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 5.28.03 PM