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July Update

17 Jul
My Power is Made Perfect in Your Weakness. The Lord reminds us of this truth time and time again in scripture, through people and through his word. This has been the verse I’ve been clinging to over the past few weeks. Especially as I headed into to MTW’s Re-Entry & Summer Conferences two Friday’s ago. But we saw the Lord do some really cool things.

It always amazes me (even though it’s my job) at how you can take kids that have grown up in totally different cultures, having had vastly different experiences and put them together at a camp or retreat and talk about their one commonality – Being a Missionary Kid…and it’s like they’ve known each other for years.

To be honest with y’all both the Larsen’s (Eric & Rebecca) and I had had a pretty rough month before arriving at Ridge Haven for Re-Entry & Summer Conference. We’d all had a lot on our plate and were feeling pretty depleted when we got there. Not sure how that week would go we asked the Lord to make His power perfect in our weakness…because we were feeling pretty weak.

We had a really great time with the students during Re-Entry. The Larsens and I run most of the program for Re-Entry. We went to Sliding Rock, hung out in Brevard and had some great conversations about transition and adjusting back to America. Most of these students had just arrived in the US within the last two weeks so are still adjusting to life back in the US, missing life and friends back in their host country and looking towards the changes that will take place with new schools and new “homes”. It was really cool to see them open up about things they are looking forward to but also things they are really anxious about. Please be praying for them as they continue to adjust back to the US. Espcially when it comes to starting new schools in the fall.

Summer Conference is a different event for us. The kids are in cabins with Ridge Haven counselors who plan and run most of the activities and programs. We (GYFM) lead the teaching times and meet with parents and students during the free times. It’s a lot different from an Area Retreat or even Re-Entry. But it’s a nice change. We had a AMAZING group of counselors this year. Including MTW MK Stacey Senter! It was really fun to serve along side her. We decided to do something a little different with our teaching times. Normally we have worship then a speaker then discussion. Pretty standard. But this year we decided to do something a little different…ok…a lot different. Rebecca had found a curriculum called “Enter the Story” which helps students engage in and learn from the Bible with hands-on experiences that allow them to truly enter into God’s Story through experiential learning. We did some editing of this curriculum and took the kids on a journey. From Creation to the Fall to the Israelite Journey to the Journey to the Cross to redemption through restoration. Because this was new we has no idea how it would go over with the kids. I think at first no one really knew what to do at first. It was so different from what they were used to. Everyone was so used to being an observational learner and being taught at that the idea of learning through experiencing was really different. But once they all got over the initial change we saw the students open up to the change and really get into it. I was responsible for the Journey to the Cross and Restoration sections. It was really cool to see them really engage in the journey and what the Jesus went through on His journey to the cross. Our goal was to see how their story and the story or the bible is woven together and how they play an important part in God’s story. And further more how God is writing a incredible story in them! Be praying for these students that the truths that they hear last week would continue to take root in their lives as they grow closer to the Lord.

Right after I got back from Ridge Haven I attended the wedding of a friend here in Atlanta. This picture is of my sister and I after the wedding…didn’t we look nice! 😉 Since then I’ve been unpacking and repacking getting ready to leave for Progreso, Mexico on Thursday. I’ll be leading a team from Grace Redeemer Church in Teaneck, NJ as they serve Jesus Presbyterian Church helping with construction, outreach and youth ministry. As I think about leaving for this trip I am once again finding myself praying the verse that I prayed before Re-Entry and Summer Conference. “Lord make Your power perfect in my weakness.” I’m nervous about this trip. To be honest I don’t feel very qualified to be leading this team but I’m praying that the Lord will work despite of that. I would REALLY appreciate your prayers for me during this. For safety and for patience. I leave this Thursday, July 19 and come back Saturday, July 29 (just in time to have dinner for my dad’s birthday!) I’m also hoping that I will be able to have some time with our GYFM Interns who have been serving in Progreso all summer. I’ve been skyping with the girls checking in on them and praying with them. Please be praying for them this week also. For strength and energy as they serve there.

I am so thankful for you all. Especially for your prayers for me as I go back to full time support raising this fall. If you need a refresher about this change you can read about that here. I have several support raising desserts set up for the fall. I’m hoping to have one in Birmingham AL also. If you’d like to host that please let me know! Also if you have questions about my support needs please let me know.

May the Lord’s will be done in and through each of you!

In Him, Ruthanne

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Due to changes in my role my budget has been increased and my percentage needed has gone up.

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Prayer Requests
  1. That I would seek the Lord for wisdom and guidance during this time of support raising.
  2. That the Lord would provide for all my needs in His good timing.
  3. That the Lord would bring to mind new supporters to join the team!
  4. Praise for a wonderful time at Re-Entry & Summer Conference. Pray for the students there that the Lord would continue to work in their hearts and lives.
  5. For the team from Grace Redeemer who are going to Progreso this summer. That the Lord would provide for them and guide then in their preparation.
  6. Pray for our GYFM Interns (Erin, Savannah and Matt). That the Lord would keep them healthy and give them good experiences as they serve in Mexico this summer.
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