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Important June Update

8 Jun

I have some news that I need to share with you. Please read on so you can stay up to date and so you can know how to pray.  

First…I want to take a step back from my usual monthly update email to do something that I don’t do well. That’s say thank you. I am incredibly grateful to each of you. You have given me so much over the past 4 years as I’ve been walking this journey that the Lord has called me on. Thank you for reading my updates. Thank you for praying for me. For lifting me up to the Father. At times when I didn’t even know how to pray, you were praying in my stead. Thank you for partnering with me. This ministry is not just about me going and doing. It’s you all…My team…supporting me along the way. Thank you for giving financially so that I can follow the Lord’s call to reach the nations and the next generation. The Lord has not only called me to go, He’s called you to come along side me and support me and I’m so thankful for that. You all are the best!

They say the only constant thing in Missions is change. You never know what the Lord has in store for you from one day to the next. This has certainly been the case for me. I have mentioned before that I have been working with the two week department at MTW helping them with some projects and leading a short-term team to Progreso, Mexico. They have been supplying the rest of my needed support so that I can be at full-time status. I found out a few weeks ago that, for a number of reasons, the Two-Week Department is no longer able to provide the rest of my support. This will be effective as of July 31st. So I will go back to full time support raising as of August 1st. My goal and prayer is that I have the rest of my support raised by the end of the year.

This news has led me to serious reflection and prayer with my team leader about the future of GYFM and my role in the mission. As hard as it is to lose the funding from the Two Week Department, I am glad to be focused 100% on GYFM.  God is blessing and expanding our work and our team, and I want and need to be able to give all of my time and energy to this ministry.  Of course, that means trusting God to raise the remaining funds I need in order reach 100% of my support.

With this change also comes a change in my role with GYFM. In the past I’ve been helping administratively in a support role at the home office. While I’m willing to serve in this capacity it’s not what I’m passionate about. I love the hands-on discipleship and ministry with Third Culture Kids and their families. Because the  500+ families we serve are spread around the globe, we strive to create opportunities for relational ministry with TCK’s through retreats, mission trips, and other events in many different countries. I’m excited about the training, recruiting, discipling and mentoring opportunities that are before me.

In addition to GYFM’s work with the Third Culture community, we are training and resourcing Global church leaders in Asia, Europe, Latin America, Africa as well as leaders who are engaging the changing youth landscape in the North American context.  All this work involves a wide variety of opportunities and events to serve the global church in engaging the emerging generation. This is a big part of what I will be helping to facilitate through GYFM.  I’m really excited about this vision and focus for my role in the mission, and am excited to better serve out of my gifts and passion.

You can read a note from my team leader Eric Larsen below.

SO! All that to say…Will you please pray with me? Pray that I would be diligent in the months ahead to get in touch with and follow up with possible supporters? Pray that I would be strategic in the places I travel to to support raise. Pray that I would trust the Lord to provide during this time.

If you would be interested in hosting a coffee and dessert time and inviting your friends so that they can hear about the GYFM how they can partner with us please let me know.

If you’ve been thinking about joining my support team but just haven’t done so yet, now’s the time! I’d love to talk with you more about that.

Thank you so very much. I know I don’t say it enough but I really do mean it.

Please let me know how I can be praying for you.
In Him – Ruthanne

a note from Eric Larsen…
500 young people is huge youth group in a local church, now imagine your group is spread around the globe! Daunting, huh!?

I don’t know anyone who is better able to connect and keep up with members of the Third Culture community like Ruthanne!  Her story, heart and gifts are exactly what we need in GYFM, especially as God is expanding our reach and opening new doors for ministry to the emerging generation around the globe.

Ruthanne’s support has steadily increased over the past few years as she’s pursued God’s call to serve with GYFM.  The ministry she’s been able to do along the way has blessed the team and made a big impact in the lives of young people all over the world.  But we need her FULLY SUPPORTED!

Our mission depends on missionaries like Ruthanne who are called by God and sent by His church.  Will you please pray God provides Ruthanne’s remaining financial support?  If you have yet to give, now is the time!  Will you please make a monthly pledge to support Ruthanne today? If you already give, will you stretch to increase your monthly commitment?

Take a moment now: visit our website, glimpse the energy and excitement of this movement, and give to the cause by committing your support to Ruthanne Burch.

Together let’s serve the global church in engaging the emerging generation!

Prayer Requests

  1. That I would seek the Lord for wisdom and guidance during this time of support raising.
  2. That the Lord would provide for all my needs in His good timing.
  3. That the Lord would bring to mind new supporters to join the team!
  4. For plans for Re-Entry & Summer Conference at Ridge Haven this July. The the Lord would be preparing the hearts of the families who will be there.
  5. For the team from Grace Redeemer who are going to Progreso this summer. That the Lord would provide for them and guide then in their preparation.

Upcoming Events

July 6-9
Re-Entry Conference – Ridge Haven, NC
July 9-14
Summer Conference – Ridge Haven, NC
July 19-29
Leading Grace Redeemer Missions Trip – Progreso, Mexico
August 1
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