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Insta-friday – Vacation Edition

25 May

I’m sitting at the car dealership waiting to hear the news of how much it’s going to cost to get my car fixed. sigh….I’m scared…hoping it’s not too bad.

So in an attempt to hop back on the blogging band wagon which I seem to have fallen off once again I thought I’d share a pictures from my recent family trip. This was a trip of a life-time that we’ve been saving for a planning for a long time. It was wonderful.

Here’s our itinerary. Rome Italy, Gibraltar UK, La Coruna Spain, La Havre France, Dover England, Amsterdam The Netherlands, London England. It’s still crazy to me that we saw and did all of that.

While we were away I didn’t have ton of internet access but when I did I tried to post picture collages to Instagram so I thought I’d share them here too.  Probably easier than posting the individuals from my big camera.

It’s time to go!!!

We made it to Rome and saw lots of REALLY old stuff!

Gibraltar, Spain, France, England…so much cool stuff.

Amsterdam! Really cool city.

Our last…and maybe favorite thing…the Harry Potter Studios! Was amazing! Totally geeking out the whole time!!!

What a fun time! And in between all these things a lot of resting and hanging out happened. Twas wonderful.

I also have to include this photo. It was my birthday the week before the trip and I had an awesome time celebrating with friends. Some friends from work took me out to sushi then to a shooting range which was AWESOME! Then some friends from church gathered for dinner on Sunday night at a pub in East Atlanta Village and it was great…SO thankful for them.