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April Update

25 Apr

Last night I met with my discipleship group (or d-group). I had not been able to come for various reasons over the past few weeks so it was sooo good to be back with those women and catch up. We’ve been reading through some of the stories in Genesis – first reading them in the Jesus Storybook Bible then in the scriptures. It’s been a really neat way to study some of the bible stories I’ve known for a long time but seeing them in a new light. Last night we read the story of Jacob, Rachel & Leah. This story is not new to most people. Jacob is fleeing the his homeland and the conflict he has with his brother so he goes to live with his uncle Laban. Jacob wants to marry his cousin Rachel so his Uncle says “Work for me for 7 years and I’ll let you marry Rachel” So he does but Laban does the whole bait and switch and Jacob actually ends up marrying Leah instead. So Jacob has to work another 7 years to be able to marry Rachel. For my whole life I’ve thought of this story being about the relationship between Jacob and Laban and how horrible it must have been for Jacob. Oh no no no. This isn’t about that at all.

One really cool thing about the Jesus Storybook Bible is how every story brings to light the Gospel and how God was writing his plan and showing us His love for us even from Genesis! Every story whispers his name. And this story is NO exception. This story is about Leah and how even though Jacob her husband may not have loved her like he should have. The Lord had a bigger plan for Leah and for His children. This is a quote from the end of this story. It’s so beautiful.

…when Leah knew that God loved, in her heart suddenly it didn’t matter anymore whether her husband loved her best, or if she was the prettiest. Someone had chosen her, someone did love her……And you’ll never guess what job God gave Leah….when God looked at Leah, He saw a princess. And sure enough, that’s exactly what she became. One of Leah’s children’s children’s children’s would be a prince – the Prince of Heaven – God’s Son. This Prince would love God’s people. They wouldn’t need to be beautiful for Him to love them. He would love them with all His heart. And they would be beautiful because He loved them.
This is the GOSPEL! This is the message we need to be telling ourselves and to the next generation. How do we teach them that they are beautiful, that they are delighted in, that they are WANTED when the world is telling them otherwise? This is why we are doing what we are doing in GYFM. We must tell and train others to tell the next generation that they are wanted and delighted in by their heavenly father.

How’d it go?

Mom’s Surgery– Praise the Lord! My mom’s surgery on March 26th was extremely successful. The doctor was pleased with the surgery and was able to shave off the part of her disc that was herniated and pinching nerves in her neck. My time taking care of her was good. The Lord taught me a lot about myself during that time as I cared for my mom. We are both alive and well and still love each other! 😉 Please continue to pray for her recovery. She is doing really well but still has a ways to go.

Upcoming Plans

Come May 1st I’ll be taking a vacation with my family! We are all really excited about this trip and spending time together. When I get back that I’ll be in working on final plans our GYFM team retreat and for all the events we have going on this summer.Speaking of the summer I have some exciting plans this summer! You may remember last year I spent the summer in New York City leading the youth program for MTW’s Cross Cultural Ministry Internship. It was a great summer and I really enjoyed being there. Well, this summer is looking a little different. I’ll be heading back to Ridge Haven in North Carolina for MTW’s Re-Entry and Summer Conference at the beginning of July. I’m really looking forward to being back there and catching up with all the missionaries that are on Home Ministry Assignment. A few days after I get back from North Carolina I’ll be heading to Mexico! YUP…you read that correctly. I’ll be heading to Progreso, Mexico to lead a short-term team from New Jersey who will be working with a church there. After the team leaves I will be staying in Progreso for the rest of the summer. This summer GYFM has it’s very first group of interns! We have 2 guys and 2 girls that will be living in Progreso for the summer and serving the church in Progreso, working specifically with the youth ministry there. I will be mentoring the girl interns, for the first part of the summer over skype then for the rest of the summer in person in Progreso. I’m really excited to be a part of this program and to walk along side these interns as they serve in Mexico. This is not what I expected my summer to look like AT ALL but I’m really looking forward to it. There are definitely some nerves thrown into the mix but I am confident this is what the Lord wants me to do this summer. Please be praying for me as I prepare for the summer and for the interns!

Thank you all for your prayers for me, my family and the Global Youth & Family Ministries!By His Mercy,


He is Risen

8 Apr

He is Risen Indeed! He is not dead…He is ALIVE!

courtesy of zondervan’s you tube channel

…who suffered there for me…

6 Apr

It was now about the sixth hour,and there was darkness over the whole land until the ninth hour,while the sun’s light failed. And the curtain of the temple was torn in two. Then Jesus, calling out with a loud voice, said, “Father, into your hands I commit my spirit!” And having said this he breathed his last. Now when the centurion saw what had taken place, he praised God, saying, “Certainly this man was innocent!” And all the crowds that had assembled for this spectacle, when they saw what had taken place, returned home beating their breasts.

Luke 24:43-48


Upon the cross of Jesus, mine eye at times can see
The very dying form of One Who suffered there for me
And from my stricken heart with tears two wonders I confess
The wonders of redeeming love and my unworthiness

Beneath the Cross of Jesus


It’s always been weird to me that the day we commemorate our savior dying on the cross for us we call Good. For those who witnessed His death I’m sure they thought it was anything but good. Do you think they understood what they saw? Do you think even if they knew they would have called it good? We have the benefit of hindsight. We have the benefit of realizing that our savior died for us while in the same breath knowing what would happen three days later.

I hope on Sunday I can celebrate the joy while remembering the sacrifice.