Ode to Downton

21 Mar

Oh Downton Abbey – How I heart thee.

If you’ve found yourself living under a rock you may not have heard about the British TV drama that’s taking the US by storm. It airs on PBS and has been one of the things I looked forward to every Sunday evening. But alas the final episode of season 2 aired several weeks ago and we may have to wait until next year for season 3. What is this Downton Abbey show you may ask….well sit down and grab you a cocktail…you are in for a treat.

Downton Abbey is set in early 1900’s England. There are two worlds you will find yourself in…Aristocrats & their servants. Season one starts with the news that the Titanic has sunk and the show gives us a peek into how this event effects the Crawley Family (the Aristocrats) and the Downton Abbey staff. We see the characters go through world war one and many other historical events in the two seasons there have been and each one proves to provide a wonderful back-drop to the drama.

I LOVE IT! I love the drama…there are a lot of show’s set in modern times that have just as much drama as Downton Abbey that I CANNOT STAND but for some reason I love all the drama in this show. Maybe it’s the gorgeous costumes, British accents and sweeping landscapes of the English country-side. It also doesn’t  hurt that there are gorgeous costumes, British accents and the sweeping English country-side.

So…Along with any tv show that starts out with a cult-following then takes the world by storm…there are fun little…accessories?…(i’m not really sure what to call these) that come along to make your viewing enjoyment a little more enjoyable. Here are two of my favorites.

Downton Abbey Trading Cards!

Here’s my fav. And the “What’s a week-end?” quote was one of my favs from the Dowager Countess. There are others for the other characters too if you click the link above.










Downton Abbey Paper Dolls!

Now you can play Downton Abbey whenever you want while we wait for season 3 to come!








Just so much fun! Season 2 left us in quite a bit of suspense so I can’t wait for season 3 to come!



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