GYFM in Word Magazine!

4 Jan

Happy New Year!

I wanted to share some exciting news in the life of the Ministry I am a part of. The GYFM was interviewed in World Magazine! For those of you who may not know World Magazine is the evangelical christian version of Time Magazine. It comes out weekly and talks about current issues in our world from a christian perspective.

Here’s the blog post we wrote about the article and where you can download or read the article.  This is really exciting for our ministry.  Will you pray with us that this article will be used in advancing the kingdom?

Mindy Belz from World Magazine interviewed our own Eric Larsen & Jonathan Taylor about what we call the “10/30 window”. What’s the 10/30 window you ask? It’s the largest unreached people group in the world.  This group is not bound by nationality or geography, but made-up those from age 10 to 30 years: tweens, teens and twentysomethings.   By God’s grace, GYFM is equipping men and women to lead the global church in engaging the emerging generation with the gospel.  Check it out in the January 14, 2012 issue of WORLD.

You can download a pdf of the article here or head over to and read it there.

Will you join us in reaching the largest unreached people group in the world?


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