December Update

15 Dec

Waiting in Anticipation.

I love the season of advent. It’s so fun to me to think about all the characters that where around when Jesus was born. The shepherds, wise men, Elizabeth and Zechariah, Mary & Joseph. All waiting in anticipation of the arrival of someone. Their savior. What do we wait in anticipation for during this season? The parties, the time with friends and family, the presents? But are we living in anticipation of our Savior coming again? Our Savior came as a baby to die for us. And now we are waiting in anticipation of Him coming again! Shouldn’t everyday be advent? Waiting and longing for our savior to come again. When he is going to make all things new. Oh how I can’t wait for that!


GYFM Retreat

December 1st found me on a plane heading to St. Louis and our first ever GYFM Team Retreat was on the books for that weekend. What a wonderful time we had. We spent some great times visiting, worshiping and vision-casting together. I count it a huge blessing that I can say I work with some of my best friends and brothers and sisters in

Christ. It was truly a joy to be there! We had a lot of fun and got some work done as well. 😉 One really exciting thing that came out of the retreat is we are “meeting” weekly as a team! Every Thursday morning at 7am (with coffee in hand) we are meeting via skype to pray with each other, encourage each other and work together to move the ministry of the GYFM forward. It’s really exciting and such an encouragement to me to gather with my team even as we are spread out over 7 states! Thank you Lord for Technology!

Mexico Project

Things are moving along well with the Mexico Missions Trip project. I’m looking forward to going to Mexico in January to see Merida for myself and iron out many of the details for the trip. If your church or your church’s youth group would be interested in serving in Mexico this summer please let me know! We have a great opportunity for you!

Taking a Breather

I’ll be taking a little break over the Christmas holiday. All of my mom’s sisters and their kids will be coming to the Atlanta area the week between Christmas and New Years and I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone. I’m also looking forward to taking some time to rest after a really busy fall.

I got my Christmas Cards in the mail a week or so ago! So far only one has been returned! Hooray!! If you’d like one please send me your address. I’d love to send you one. You can also download a e-version of my Christmas Card here.


Thank you to all of you for your love, prayers and support. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

By His Mercy,


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