Insta-Friday – GYFM Retreat Edition…and a little more.

9 Dec

I’m linking up with Life.Rearranged again! Last weekend I was in St. Louis for our first ever GYFM team. It was a wonderful retreat and was so fun to be with my awesome friends/”siblings”. I was with some of my favorite people (that i don’t see often) in the world so it was fun to snap some shots of them as we wandered around the midwest.

The weekend started off with dinner at some friends house....I was introduced to these delightful little treats. My world is forever changed.

On the way to the retreat we had to stop at this little gem.

Lindsey...trying on some of the merchandise...I think we have a winner.

The Lake of the Ozarks is pretty.

This was in the lobby of the hotel we were staying firepace surrounded by couches. Every hotel needs one of these.

ummm....drew....i don't think you are supposed to eat that.

Our worship on sunday morning was beautiful!

Love panera's christmas marketing this year.

All the kids asleep in the van! you can call my mom from here on out.

Not the gum-drop buttons!

This was what I won in our white elephant gift excited about my giant hand/finger also made walking through the airport hilarious!

Here’s the two pics I’ve taken this week!

My GYFM family. love them!

Beautiful sunset last night...reminded me of the line from a song..."He paints the sky for me to see...His majesty is why I sing."

See ya next week!


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