30 Days of Thankfulness – Nov 22-30

30 Nov

Well…I was off giving thanks with my family in North Carolina and I completely forgot to keep posting what I’m thankful for here! Goodness – Hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving…And if you don’t celebrate thanksgiving where you are…Hope your November 24th was particularly lovely.

Purple tights! – Am I allowed to be thankful for tights? Oh well! I have this one pair of purple tights that I love to wear and i just feel snazzy in them!

Days off – It’s nice to take a day off every now and then isn’t it. To get to sleep in, make a big breakfast and not have to rush through the morning to get anywhere.

My Mom & Dad – Thanksgiving day marked my parents 33th anniversary. I can’t tell you how many people tell me how awesome my parents are and I have to agree with them. I can’t fathom being together with someone for 33 years but they have done it with grace. It’s fun to know they are just as in love as when they got married. Love them both so much! You’ve been stuck with me for 28 years…thanks for putting up with all my shenanigans!

My Sister – I don’t say it enough but I’m so thankful for my sister. She puts up with a lot of my crap on a daily basis…a lot of which she shouldn’t have to. She’s given me so much and I’m so thankful for her.

City Living – I love living in a big city. Traffic and all there something to be said for the hustle and bustle…It always feels alive! *Someone needs to remind me of this next time I’m driving to church during rush hour*

The Season of Advent – I love the start of the Advent Season. Filled with anticipation as we look towards the birth of our Savior! It’s may favorite part of the liturgical calendar.

My boss – I have an awesome boss! I don’t get to see him often as he lives in St. Louis but when I do (which is more often than not in a foreign country!) I always leave encouraged in my life and ministry. I’m so thankful he asked me to be part of this ministry.

Being busy – Yup! I’m thankful for the busyness of my life. I was sitting at my desk earlier and lamenting the fact that I was going to have to miss hanging out with some of my friends from church because I was going to be on my GYFM team retreat this weekend. But then I started thinking…I am going to be hanging out with some of my best friends at the retreat! Why am I sad!? I am so blessed with good friends at church, good friends at work and am awesome team of people that I call friends…all whom I want to spend time with! How’s a girl to choose!? 😉 For someone whose struggled with finding community in the past all this community I have now is wonderful! I’m so thankful for it!


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