Insta-Friday – 11-25-11

25 Nov

Linking up again with Life.Rearraged for a big edition of Insta-Friday!

My super talented friend Bobbi-Jo's photography is on display at the Genema Gallery at Christ Church Buckhead. She had her opening last friday!

pretty centrepieces at the art show.

My other super talented friend Steph's band (The New Empires) played at Bobbi-Jo's show. Steph's the drummer!

Some friends and I from church got together and decided to celebrate the fall season by having a pumpkin cooking extravaganza! It was so fun and sooooo good. Here’s some of our dishes and some of the fun we had.

Proscuitto Bruschetta with Brown Sage Butter and Pumpkin Marscapone spread - DELICIOUS

Chilled spiced bourbon cider!

Kate eyeing her pasta in the oven.

Dinner TIme! Salad with Candied pumpkin seeds, curried pumpkin soup and stuffed shells in a pumpkin cheese sauce

And for dessert...Pumpkin cupcakes with Maple icing and Pumpkin smoothies!

Somehow, after dinner arm wrestling ensued.

...then finger fencing

My dad made a guest apprearance...via Skype! my d-group to answer some questions we had about the book of Jude.

Under the boughs doing some Christmas tree maintenance at my parents house.

Happy Anniversary to my Mom and Dad! They celebrated 33 years on Thanksgiving Day! So thankful for them.

My Cousin-in-Law out did him self this year! Smoked Turkeys! Best Turkeys ever!

best way to end Thanksgiving Day - sitting around the fire pit with family.....then we had pie.


What a great week!!


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