30 Days of Thankfulness – Nov 1-8

8 Nov

So I’ve noticed on the good ole facebook people taking time each day to mention one thing they are thankful for. I love this idea. I’m a little late on the bandwagon and probably a little long-winded too so I’m going to use the ole blog as a vehicle for expressing my thankfulness to the masses.  Since it’s the 8th of November I’ll do a catch up post today then starting tomorrow there will be one a day (or that’s the idea anyways)

Ready!? GO!

Nov 1. The opportunity to do what I do – On November 1st I got to share with the office staff of MTW (the missions org. I work for) about the Area Retreat and all God did there.  It was so cool to get to stand in front of these folks who I work with everyday and share with them why I do what I do and how God is working in this ministry!

Nov 2. Trivia! – Most every wednesday I head over to Mo’s pizza with a group of friends and we battle it out with other teams for Trivia domination! (or $40 house cash for the winner) It’s such so much fun and I try not to miss it each week.

Nov 3. My Family – Last week we had an unexpected visit from my Aunt Buggy (or Judy for everyone else). It was fun to get to visit with her a bit while she was here and just made me so thankful for my whole family….who, for the most part, I really enjoy being around!   😉

Nov 4. Being goofy with friends – I love that all my friends have a good and healthy sense of humor. And last friday night was no exception. While my sister and I were being introduced to the movie/musical “Newsies” one of our friends felt the need to burst out in dance herself. It was amazing.

Nov 5. Road-trips with friends – I went up to Covenant College on Saturday to see one of out MK’s play soccer and hang out with some others and my friend Krista came with me! It was so much fun to escape the city for the day and go to Chattanooga and Lookout Mtn. Even better to get to go with a friend.

Nov 6. A day of rest – On Sunday I took a day of rest for myself. I stayed in my pajamas all day and rested…it was glorious.

Nov 7. My friends at work – I am so thankful that I get to go to work everyday and there are people here that I really like hanging out with…so much so that we can spend 26 hours on a plane together and still want to hang out the next day or we can see each other all week and then spend all day Saturday together! It’s just great.

Nov 8. A job where I get to be creative – I love that my job is so multifaceted. From admin to ministry to graphic design to designing youth and kid’s programs I love that I get to do so many things that I love to do!

I’d love to hear what you are thankful for…

See ya tomorrow!


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