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30 Days of Thankfulness – Nov 22-30

30 Nov

Well…I was off giving thanks with my family in North Carolina and I completely forgot to keep posting what I’m thankful for here! Goodness – Hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving…And if you don’t celebrate thanksgiving where you are…Hope your November 24th was particularly lovely.

Purple tights! – Am I allowed to be thankful for tights? Oh well! I have this one pair of purple tights that I love to wear and i just feel snazzy in them!

Days off – It’s nice to take a day off every now and then isn’t it. To get to sleep in, make a big breakfast and not have to rush through the morning to get anywhere.

My Mom & Dad – Thanksgiving day marked my parents 33th anniversary. I can’t tell you how many people tell me how awesome my parents are and I have to agree with them. I can’t fathom being together with someone for 33 years but they have done it with grace. It’s fun to know they are just as in love as when they got married. Love them both so much! You’ve been stuck with me for 28 years…thanks for putting up with all my shenanigans!

My Sister – I don’t say it enough but I’m so thankful for my sister. She puts up with a lot of my crap on a daily basis…a lot of which she shouldn’t have to. She’s given me so much and I’m so thankful for her.

City Living – I love living in a big city. Traffic and all there something to be said for the hustle and bustle…It always feels alive! *Someone needs to remind me of this next time I’m driving to church during rush hour*

The Season of Advent – I love the start of the Advent Season. Filled with anticipation as we look towards the birth of our Savior! It’s may favorite part of the liturgical calendar.

My boss – I have an awesome boss! I don’t get to see him often as he lives in St. Louis but when I do (which is more often than not in a foreign country!) I always leave encouraged in my life and ministry. I’m so thankful he asked me to be part of this ministry.

Being busy – Yup! I’m thankful for the busyness of my life. I was sitting at my desk earlier and lamenting the fact that I was going to have to miss hanging out with some of my friends from church because I was going to be on my GYFM team retreat this weekend. But then I started thinking…I am going to be hanging out with some of my best friends at the retreat! Why am I sad!? I am so blessed with good friends at church, good friends at work and am awesome team of people that I call friends…all whom I want to spend time with! How’s a girl to choose!? 😉 For someone whose struggled with finding community in the past all this community I have now is wonderful! I’m so thankful for it!


Insta-Friday – 11-25-11

25 Nov

Linking up again with Life.Rearraged for a big edition of Insta-Friday!

My super talented friend Bobbi-Jo's photography is on display at the Genema Gallery at Christ Church Buckhead. She had her opening last friday!

pretty centrepieces at the art show.

My other super talented friend Steph's band (The New Empires) played at Bobbi-Jo's show. Steph's the drummer!

Some friends and I from church got together and decided to celebrate the fall season by having a pumpkin cooking extravaganza! It was so fun and sooooo good. Here’s some of our dishes and some of the fun we had.

Proscuitto Bruschetta with Brown Sage Butter and Pumpkin Marscapone spread - DELICIOUS

Chilled spiced bourbon cider!

Kate eyeing her pasta in the oven.

Dinner TIme! Salad with Candied pumpkin seeds, curried pumpkin soup and stuffed shells in a pumpkin cheese sauce

And for dessert...Pumpkin cupcakes with Maple icing and Pumpkin smoothies!

Somehow, after dinner arm wrestling ensued.

...then finger fencing

My dad made a guest apprearance...via Skype! my d-group to answer some questions we had about the book of Jude.

Under the boughs doing some Christmas tree maintenance at my parents house.

Happy Anniversary to my Mom and Dad! They celebrated 33 years on Thanksgiving Day! So thankful for them.

My Cousin-in-Law out did him self this year! Smoked Turkeys! Best Turkeys ever!

best way to end Thanksgiving Day - sitting around the fire pit with family.....then we had pie.


What a great week!!

Monthly Update: THANKS for GIVING

23 Nov


Morning by morning I wake up to find the power and comfort of God’s hand in mine.
Season by season I watch him amazed, in awe of the mystery of his perfect waysAll I have need of his hand will provide He’s always been faithful to me

I can’t remember a trial or a pain he did not recycle to bring me gain. I can’t
remember one single regret in serving God only and trusting his hand

All I have need of his hand will provide He’s always been faithful to me

This is my anthem, this is my song, the theme of the stories I’ve heard for so long.
God has been faithful, he will be again. His loving compassion, it knows no end.

“He’s always been faithful to me” – Sara Groves

Thank You

As we here in America approach Thanksgiving we often are asked, “what are you thankful for?” It’s overwhelming to me all the things that rush to my mind that I am thankful for. My family, friends, church, the GYFM team…but most of all I am SO thankful for you.  You have have given to me so that I can follow the Lord’s call on my life to “Reach the Nations and the Next Generation.” You have prayed for me, encouraged me and given sacrificially to me. Thank you so so much. I hope and pray that you and your families have a wonderful thanksgiving.


As you think about your year end donations would you consider giving to the GYFM? Your donation means reaching youth all over the world and encouraging missionary kids and their families.
My monthly support pledges are at 56%. Part of my job now is to continue to raise new support and cultivate the supporters I already have.
I only need 40 more people to give at $50 a month to be fully funded. Or 80 people at $25 a month. Or 20 people at $100.

If you are already a supporter would you consider raising your pledge $10 – $20 a month? If you have been thinking about supporting me monthly and just not had a chance to do so or have any other questions please don’t hesitate to let me know.

MTW now has Online Donations! You can donate online at
send a check to MTW
PO Box 116284
Atlanta GA 30368
Please include my name and account number #10660 in the memo line.
You can download my prayer card here!

I’m so thankful for all of you. Your prayers, encouragement and financial support are blessing from God. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

By His Mercy,

30 days of thankfulness – Nov 16-21

21 Nov

Oopsie!  Took a little break! Jumping back on the wagon.

My Church – I love my church and am so thankful for the community that I have there.

Weekends – I think it’s safe to say that most everyone loves them some weekends. Whether you have a super crazy busy weekend (like mine was last weekend) or a weekend full of rest and relaxation it’s always so nice to get to the end of a week and rest.

My creative friends – I have some pretty creative friends! From artists to photographers to musicians to super crafty my friends amaze me every day at what they can do.  *Shameless Plug Ahead* Here’s some links to their sites if you are curious.

The New Empires (drummer Steph Hughes)The Well Reds (Lead Singer/Guitarist Jeremy Ezell) – Bobbi Jo Brooks Photography – Kate’s CornerRebekah’s Designs – All Things Simple PhotographyEd Kirkpatrick Photography (my Uncle!)

I’m sure there are more but this is who I can think of at the moment.

Dinner Parties that end in arm wrestling! – Yup!  You read that right.  I had dinner with some friends last night and it was a lovely occasion that ended in arm wrestling and finger fencing. I laughed so hard! It was awesome and I’m so thankful for friends who can cook so well but who also will be goofy.  Love it!

Shopping Buddies – I usually don’t like shopping for clothes with other people (other than my sister) but I’m very thankful for my good friend Shannon…I think I’ve found my shopping buddy! She’s honest with out being mean, is very fashionable and pushes me to try on things I would never try on by myself!  Thanks Shannon!!!

Grace – Taking a bit of a serious turn here. I’m so thankful for Lord’s grace in my life when I don’t deserve it. His tender mercy that guides me through life. I’m not sure why but I’ve been very aware of that lately. His love is overwhelming and I am so undeserving.

Pinterest in real life – a bit of a scramble

20 Nov

Well!  I did not intend to take so long of a break in this PiRL series. Alas! Life and work got in the way a bit but I I’m back!

This is a short one. I’d seen this fun idea on Pinterest and thought it looked pretty simple!

Pretty huh!

Here starts my attempt…..

I sliced some pepper rings and placed them in the fry of them was broken but I worries.

So I cracked my eggs and was immediately in trouble. The whites leaked! and notice it was everywhere but where the break in the pepper slice was...irony in action!

Then I tried to flip them....BAD IDEA! It all when down hill from there.

This is when abandoned ship and decided to have fried eggs and some saute'd peppers...

So In conclusion there is one thing I think I did wrong….my pan was too small.  If I had used a bigger fry pan i would have had a lot more room to maneuver the peppers and they probably would have laid flat on the bottom of the fry pan, thus, reducing leakage. I’m definitely going to try this again with a bigger fry pan.  Maybe on a morning when I have more time on my hands.

There you have it! Leave a comment & link with any projects you’ve tried or if you want to try this one! You’ll probably be more successful than me!

Insta-Friday – 11-18-11

18 Nov

I’m linking up again with LifeRearranged for Insta-Friday!!

hot chocolate! it hit the spot on a chilly sunday afternoon

I have a new prayer card in the works! Here's the pic...thanks to Shannon for taking them!

Tuesday night was one for the books...friends, half off pitchers, good food and settlers of catan!

we went old school with our restaurant bill math...complete with long division

hunkering down in the bathroom at work during a tornado warning - fun times

My mom & dad had some some little ones over and we all enjoyed a little veggietales before bed....their little feet are so cute!

It’s been a fun week!!!

Come on Garmin – Let’s have a little fun!

17 Nov

I wish Garmin had more of a sense of humor about their turn by turn directions like Tom Tom does.

It would make getting stuck in traffic a lot more fun!

They also have Homer Simpson too. Almost makes me want to switch over to Tom Tom.

30 Days of Thankfulness – Nov 15

15 Nov

FaceTime & Technology – I’m a tech nerd and proud of it! But tonight technology played a vital part in my job. I had a situation I really needed to talk to my boss about. But my boss was in Japan. Thanks to Face Time I was able to video chat with him like he was in the room and we got the situation all sorted out. And we got to catch up on how things were going in Japan. It was awesome and made my job so much easier.

30 Days of Thankfulness – Nov 12-14

14 Nov

Movies – This may seem a little trivial but if you know me at all you know I love a good movie.  I especially love when a movie I loved in the theaters comes out on DVD and you can watch it over and over and over again. I’m that person. I have no problem watching a movie dozens of times. The latest…Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2!

Worship Team  – I love singing and playing on the worship team at my church. And I’m so thankful for getting the opportunity to be a part of it. It’s awesome to get to to play drums and worship the Lord at the same time! BTW our worship director has his own band and they are awesome!

My small group – I’m so so thankful for my church and the people in it.  But I’m especially thankful for my small group. I love those ladies. They are a constant source of encouragement in my life and are always pointing me back to the Lord. Love y’all!

Insta-Friday – Nov 11

11 Nov

It’s time for another edition! I really need to be better at taking more than 3 or 4 pictures a week.

There's nothing like Chattanooga in the Fall. Especially if there is a regatta going on!

Loved the red door and the yellow tree!

Soccr on the Mountain! You can't get a better view than that!

It's hard to tell but this is a fully encrusted beaded steering will cover. How this person is able to drive safely with this thing on is beyond me.

I experienced the joy that is Antico Pizza yesterday....oh and was it good! Prosciutto, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, cheeeeeeese.....deliciousness