Pinterest in Real Life – Make your own flip-flops!

3 Sep

*so it turns out someone has done this idea…oh well…i’m still going to keep going with this…onward!*


I don’t know about you but I’m not the biggest fan of those rubber flip-flops you can get in every color on the face of the planet. The strap part has always dug into my foot leaving me with blisters!

So when I saw this idea on Pinterest I thought…HOW FUN! I’ve got to try it.

I found the instructions for the flip flops here.

So here’s what you need…

A pair of generic rubber flip-flops, fabric – (about a yard long and a 1/4 of a yard wide) and scissors.

Note – I used an old shirt that shrunk in the wash for the fabric and the flip-flops were a $1.98 from my local mega store that starts with a “W” and ends with “al*Mart”.

first I took off the rubber straps. just pull the nibs through the holes from the bottom and snip.


now you have strapless flip-flops….or in my case…a raft for a mouse.


now cut your fabric in 4 even strips so that each strip is about half a yard long. cut the ends into a point.


put two strips together and pull the through the top hole and tie a double knot on the bottom


the top should look like this. then tie a knot about 1 inch up from the foot bed. then tie another knot either right after that one or further down.


then split the two pieces and thread them through the two bottom holes


you can try them on to make sure you get a snug fit but I just pulled it tight and tied a knots underneath. the fabric is going to stretch so it’s best to be on the snug side.


TADA – I apologize for subjecting you to my pastey white feet and unpedicured toes…gross.


the verdict? the were pretty easy to make and i’d probably change some things if I were to make them again. but they’re cute for a $2 pair of flips.

I’ll probably keep them in my car if I ever need an emergency pair of sandals or use them for when I get pedicures. they give good access to my toesies. 😉

so a fun first project and I’m looking forward to trying another soon!

be sure to include a link back here and I’ll post everyone’s projects!


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