being a better blogger

2 Sep

…try and say that five times fast…..oh you can? well aren’t you just the master of tongue twisters.

So after I ended my unintentional blogging hiatus i wanted to give my self weekly blogging assignments. Things I could post on a weekly basis to keep posting regularly.

I’ve been linking up with Life.Rearranged for insta-friday which has been fun.

So I had this idea….someone’s probably doing it already but I haven’t heard about it yet so I’m going to claim it as my idea.

There’s this little website called pinterest…oh you’ve heard of it? We’ll I’m obsessed addicted a fan.

I find the site inspiring, entertaining and just gosh darn fun. I love seeing what my friends are looking at, what they’re cooking or crafting. There’s tons of ideas of things to do, to make, to cook. But i started thinking. What good is it if I just pin all this stuff but I never actually make anything. And thus was born…

My intention is to have a weekly post where I take an idea, a craft, a recipe or anything else I see on pinterest and actually do that think in real life. I’ll chronicle that process either in pictures or *gasp!* video for all to see.

I also want this to be an inspiration for all you readers out there to try this out for yourself and link up with me to show us your projects!  I am already planning to do a project this weekend.

So join me! Feel free to grab the icon and use it on your site. Just be sure to include a link back to this little ol’ blog so we can see what we’re all makin’!

See ya soon for my first Pinterest in Real Life post!


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