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Insta-Friday – 9-23-11

23 Sep

Linking up with LifeRearranged for another edition of Insta-Friday!

Trying out Which Wich for the first time. So good and so much fun!

I was stopped at a particularly long light so decided to do a little photo collage...i'm not really sure about the face I'm making.

Partcipating in fantasy football for the first time. I have to say I'm enjoying it and it's bring out my competitive side...which may or may not be a good thing.

pretty sky as we flew into DC for my grandmother's funeral.

The approach in to Reagan Airport is so cool - so fun playing "name that landmark"!

Remants from Hurricane Irene are still all over the place in Maryland. So sad to see the damage it did to the cemetary at All Saints Church in Avenue MD (where my grandparents are buried)

Here's my grandparents - There are over 15 "Burches" buried in this cemetary. All the way back to the 1800's

Sweet little All Saints Church in Avenue MD.

This is my Grandmother's pregnancy test results for when she found out she was having my uncle. If you google "corpora hemorragica" you'll figure out what the rabbit was for.

St. Mary's County is Burch Country! So fun to see your name all over the place!


I did something stupid

16 Sep

I did something stupid tonight.

I was having dinner with a friend in Decatur and all was well. When we went to leave I had trouble locating my keys. If you know me at all you may know that I often have trouble finding my keys….and I’ve found them in lots of fun places. Inside shoes, inside trash-cans, behind bookshelves and even in my purse even though I swear they were not in there. And tonight I did find my keys….in my car.

But not just in my car…in my ignition…with my car still running…and unlocked….

For an hour and a half.

I know…stupid…so stupid.

My car has a feature that does not allow you to lock your car when the keys are in the ignition so if I had tried to lock it I would not have been able to and would have noticed that my keys were still in the ignition. Thankfully my car was still there and everything was safe and sound inside. THANK YOU JESUS!!!

But this minor (or perhaps major) brain-fart got me thinking. I would call my self a fairly organized and detail-oriented person. But after a incident like this I’m starting to second guess myself.

Is it possible to be absent-minded but still organized?
Can I call myself detail-oriented when I somehow manage to forget this (rather large) detail?
Has anyone ever heard of early-onset Alzheimer’s occurring at age 28?

I think I’m going to take my aunt’s advice…”Slow your life down!” She also said “You are a mess!!” which I can’t disagree with either.

So heres to slowing life down….now how might one do that?

InstaFriday – 9-16-11

16 Sep

I’m linking up with LifeRearranged for another edition of InstaFriday!

Pumpkin waffles....yuuuuummmmmm. Made my saturday morning even better!

corndog muffins! delish and so easy to make!

these are actually lemons.

we had craft-time in the office...had to make a stand for this guy.....

tom brady!

here's the aftermath from craft-time. may fingers were green for the rest of the day!

We had a fall festival at our office. Although it was 90 degrees out it was still fun. The funnel cakes were a hit!

And corn hole! thanks to Garrick for letting us borrow his corn hole set!

There you have it folks. another random assortment of photos from my week!

Monthly Update – September 2011

13 Sep

He’s There

I’ve sat here for a good 15 minutes trying to decide what I’m going to write in this little intro section of my update. I usually like to write about what God’s been teaching me over the past month but i’m having trouble even thinking of that. I’m having trouble even remembering what I had for lunch an hour ago! Life just seems to be going so fast and I’m just hanging on for the ride! This all may seem a little “Debbie-Downer” but that’s not my intention. Just wanting to be real.  I’m sure I’m not the only person whose life & schedule is moving a warp speed.

What’s cool is that our Lord is faster than warp speed. Which means He’s right along side us in the midst of it all. Keeping my eyes focusing on Him is what keeps me going, it’s what is keeping me motivated, it’s what’s reminding me that He’s got me in the palm of His hand.

So I’ll be good. I can handle the busyness. I can handle the stress. I can handle the ride. He’s got me. He’s there.

Family Update

Some of you may have heard but on September 1st my sweet Grandmother – Audrey Burch – passed away. We’re all thankful that she’s no longer suffering.  No longer in pain.  No longer wondering where she is.  No longer asking questions that don’t make sense.  But it’s still sad. I hadn’t seen her in 2 1/2 years and she was my last grandparent that was alive. I would appreciate your prayers for me and my family as we continue to grieve this loss. We will go up to St. Mary’s Country, Maryland on September 19th for her funeral.

Asia Pacific Area Retreat 2011

About three weeks from now (October 6) I’ll be boarding a plane to Malaysia (via Detroit, Tokyo & Singapore!) Joining me will be 22 other Youth Workers who together will be putting on a program for MKs 9 years old – College. I’m so excited about our team and about the retreat. We’d appreciate your prayers for us as we make last minute plans and tie up some loose ends. I can’t wait to share with you all that the Lord will do during this trip. Please also be praying for the Missionaries who will be attending.  That the Lord will prepare their hearts to have a restful week. To the left is my small group from the last Area Retreat.  All of these ladies are in college now but Jordan (top right) will be able to join us for the retreat.  I’m looking forward to seeing her!

What’s coming up?

In about a week and a half (September 26) the MTW office will become a hub of activity as we have another Interview & Orientation (I&O) week. I’m particularly looking forward to this week as we have 3! GYFM couples coming through!!  Please keep them in your prayers as they go through this week. I’m looking forward to having these folks and others over to my house for dinner for some good ol’ fellowship time. I’ll also be playing djembe during the worship times so that will be fun too. After the Area Retreat my schedule calms down significantly. I’m so thankful for this as it will give me time to work on my mentored youth missions trip project and other GYFM projects.

I’m so thankful for you all. For you love and encouragement of me as I follow the Lord with the GYFM. Please let me know how I can be praying for you and what’s new in your life!

By His Mercy,



Support Status

My monthly support pledges are at 58%. Part of my job now is to continue to raise new support and cultivate the supporters I already have.

Did you know that I have 131 fans on my facebook page?  I don’t say this to brag but to say if just 90 of those fans gave just $25 a month I would be fully funded! If you are already a supporter would you consider raising your pledge $10 – $20 a month? If you have been thinking about supporting me monthly and just not had a chance to do so or have any other questions please don’t hesitate to let me know.

MTW now has Online Donations! You can donate online at
send a check to MTW
PO Box 116284
Atlanta GA 30368
Please include my name and account number #10660 in the memo line.
You can download my prayer card here!

Pinterest in Real Life – quickies

12 Sep

Today we’re doing a quicky version of Pinterest in Real Life, or PiRL! I’ve got my own acronym!!

So here’s a couple of quick things that I’ve seen on Pinterest.

1. Bobby Pins! I use them ALL THE TIME…so much that I tend to leave a trail of them wherever I go! Did you know that you are actually supposed to use them with the zig-zag side faced down (closest to your head)!!!  It stays in place much better! I’ve been doing this ever since I saw this and it really does work!!

2. Corndog Muffins! Just poke a third of hot-dog down into your cornbread muffin and bake as normal!  Wa-La! And they are delicious too!

So there’s this week’s edition of PiRL. Link up with me and try out your fav (big or small) pinterest pins!

10 years

11 Sep

“Where were you on 9/11?” It’s my generation’s version of the “where were you when Kennedy got shot?”question.

I’d been in college for 2 weeks. Sitting in my Communication Arts class we’d just taken a break when my professor came back in and said we were moving class up to a room that had a TV…something had happened.

As we walked into the room I saw the second plane hit the World Trade Center. I, along with everyone else could not believe our eyes. Our world completely changed that day. I wouldn’t know until almost 6 years later how much that day was going to change my family.

So it’s been 10 years since that day. Tomorrow, I’ll be remembering those who lost their lives that day and in the 10 years after defending our country.

Where were you?

Insta-Friday…errr…Saturday – 9-10-11

10 Sep

HEY!  i just noticed it’s 9-10-11!  cool!!!

now back to your regularly scheduled blog post.

It’s time for another…slightly late…post of Insta-Friday!

This is a pretty short week as I didn’t take a ton of photos.

we've been enjoying this AWESOME weather we've been having this week! so much cooler that it has been.

cleaned my rool and realized i have entirely too many i decided to organize them by color!

dinner with friends - this baked ziti was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

gas prices are ridiculous! bye bye moneys... ;(

That’s it! told you it was short!

See ya next week!!


Pinterest in Real Life – Make your own flip-flops!

3 Sep

*so it turns out someone has done this idea…oh well…i’m still going to keep going with this…onward!*


I don’t know about you but I’m not the biggest fan of those rubber flip-flops you can get in every color on the face of the planet. The strap part has always dug into my foot leaving me with blisters!

So when I saw this idea on Pinterest I thought…HOW FUN! I’ve got to try it.

I found the instructions for the flip flops here.

So here’s what you need…

A pair of generic rubber flip-flops, fabric – (about a yard long and a 1/4 of a yard wide) and scissors.

Note – I used an old shirt that shrunk in the wash for the fabric and the flip-flops were a $1.98 from my local mega store that starts with a “W” and ends with “al*Mart”.

first I took off the rubber straps. just pull the nibs through the holes from the bottom and snip.


now you have strapless flip-flops….or in my case…a raft for a mouse.


now cut your fabric in 4 even strips so that each strip is about half a yard long. cut the ends into a point.


put two strips together and pull the through the top hole and tie a double knot on the bottom


the top should look like this. then tie a knot about 1 inch up from the foot bed. then tie another knot either right after that one or further down.


then split the two pieces and thread them through the two bottom holes


you can try them on to make sure you get a snug fit but I just pulled it tight and tied a knots underneath. the fabric is going to stretch so it’s best to be on the snug side.


TADA – I apologize for subjecting you to my pastey white feet and unpedicured toes…gross.


the verdict? the were pretty easy to make and i’d probably change some things if I were to make them again. but they’re cute for a $2 pair of flips.

I’ll probably keep them in my car if I ever need an emergency pair of sandals or use them for when I get pedicures. they give good access to my toesies. 😉

so a fun first project and I’m looking forward to trying another soon!

be sure to include a link back here and I’ll post everyone’s projects!

being a better blogger

2 Sep

…try and say that five times fast…..oh you can? well aren’t you just the master of tongue twisters.

So after I ended my unintentional blogging hiatus i wanted to give my self weekly blogging assignments. Things I could post on a weekly basis to keep posting regularly.

I’ve been linking up with Life.Rearranged for insta-friday which has been fun.

So I had this idea….someone’s probably doing it already but I haven’t heard about it yet so I’m going to claim it as my idea.

There’s this little website called pinterest…oh you’ve heard of it? We’ll I’m obsessed addicted a fan.

I find the site inspiring, entertaining and just gosh darn fun. I love seeing what my friends are looking at, what they’re cooking or crafting. There’s tons of ideas of things to do, to make, to cook. But i started thinking. What good is it if I just pin all this stuff but I never actually make anything. And thus was born…

My intention is to have a weekly post where I take an idea, a craft, a recipe or anything else I see on pinterest and actually do that think in real life. I’ll chronicle that process either in pictures or *gasp!* video for all to see.

I also want this to be an inspiration for all you readers out there to try this out for yourself and link up with me to show us your projects!  I am already planning to do a project this weekend.

So join me! Feel free to grab the icon and use it on your site. Just be sure to include a link back to this little ol’ blog so we can see what we’re all makin’!

See ya soon for my first Pinterest in Real Life post!

Insta-Friday – 9/2/11

2 Sep

It’s Insta-Friday time….Linking up with LIFE.rearranged

my desk desperatly needed cleaning.

got to hang out with this cute kid on last weekend.

a little piece of home in Atlanta. So good that I'm going back this weekend!

Aussie Root Beer - delish!

sausage roll with barbecue sause....takes me back!

nom nom nom...vanilla slice....nom nom nom

i now accecpt all major credit cards......

a multitasking father at it's finest

picking up the parental units...i love picking people up at the airport

finally found a globe for my desk - and only $3.94!

and last but certainly not least…

this is my grandmom Audrey...she went to be with Jesus yesterday morning. I'm going to miss her.