Instafriday – New York Edition

12 Aug

I’m linking up with Life. Rearranged for my first installment of Instafriday!

This Friday I’m going share some of my instagrams from my recent time in New York City.

laundry time

a New York Breakfast

a yummy brunch for my mom’s birthday!

Getting some aussie grub on

my stop on the 1

Oh this place is dangerous if you like technology!

Helping Redeemer set up for VBS!

Just another normal morning in New York where they are filming TV shows right outside your door. Twas fun to watch but but so fun at 5 in the morning when they start working and you’re still trying to sleep.

Me and irene!!  Cutie Patootie! Could just eat those cheeks up!

Our fav street vendor. Gyro meat and rice please!

The rat problem in New York was really getting out of hand.

fancy fancy

I love how NYC is just peppered with churches.

Craft bomb!

Lady Liberty – She was a lot closer than this picture looks.


new gyfm mascot?

waiting for tickets to go see “how to succeed in business without really trying.” Was such a great show!

There you have it – a smattering of pics from my time in NYC.


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