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26 Aug

I’m linking up with LifeRearranged for another edition of Insta-Friday!

I killed my bamboo……..sadface

time for worship
Ethiopian! this was my first time trying Ethiopian and I’m a fan.
and the coffee…oh the ethiopian coffee was delish
loved having my parents come over and bring breakfast with them…made for a fun saturday morning
I made my own almond milk this week! the verdict is still out as to if this will become a regular occurance

Insta-friday – not-so-great edition

19 Aug

Here I am for Insta-friday! Not gonna lie I didn’t do so great taking pictures this week. But here they are none the less.

I got to go to a wedding last weekend on Lookout Mtn and the sanctuary was GORGEOUS!

Here's me and my daddy. i love him.

after 6 weeks of living out of a suitcase, it was high time I officially unpacked.

i have such super strength....or my hair was so tangled....i broke my comb!

then….4 days later. 😉

a little afternoon treat.

There you have it. I’ll try and be more exciting next week. i promise.

Monthly Update – August 2011

16 Aug

Back in the saddle again

**Insert your favorite country western music here**

I often feel like the only consistent thing in my life is that it will be inconsistent and busy. I often thrive on that though. The going here and going there, the meeting people, the phone calls, the text message conversations, the emails are all things I love. My extroverted self thrives on that. But I know that I need to slow down too. As I look around at my desk and take a peek at what’s ahead on my calendar I get a little overwhelmed. There’s a lot coming up in the next year. All of which I’m excited about but I’m still a little nervous about all the unknowns that come along with it. So in all the consistent inconsistency I long for a constant (any Lost fans out there?) that I can run to. To be grounded to.

I’m so thankful I have that in my Heavenly Father. He’s the steady rock I can be grounded to when it feels like I’m going in 20 different directions. If it weren’t for His grace and mercy and His work in my life I wouldn’t even be where I am today. One of my favorite books is The Jesus Storybook Bible. It’s a wonderfully written and beautifully illustrated book of paraphrased bible stories that walk you through the bible and how every story whispers the name of Jesus. There is a line in the book that is repeated over and over to help up remember God’s love for us. And I love it.

“His Never Stopping, Never Giving Up, Unbreaking, Always and Forever Love”
That’s my constant. My grounding. My Rock. I pray it will be your’s too.

CCMI – New York

The rest of my time in New York was good. (you can read about the first half here) After some initial challenges we fell into a good routine and had some fun times with the kids there. You can be praying for the folks that were at CCMI as they continue to take steps towards moving to the field. One family has even already moved! This family made up the majority of the youth program. Please be praying for Liz, Maly, Maggie, Serah, Monichea, Catherine & Frances Rhea as they transition to a new school and make the adjustment to Cambodia. Also be praying for Joshua Sink as he and his family continue to support raise and prepare to move to Japan.
To the left you’ll see all of us at the United Nations! In my opinion we were our own little United Nations! Thank you so much for praying for me during this trip.


I travelled up to St. Louis a couple of weeks ago to a couple of different GYFM events. One of which was out first ever complete team dinner. It was so fun to have our whole GYFM team all in one room. I count it a privilege to not only serve on such a stellar team but also serve with my friends. it was a fun evening and can’t wait until we get to do it again.

While I was in St. Louis I was able to attend the wedding of a dear friend. Marta Douglass is one of our GYFM Associates and has served on Area Retreat Youth Teams for 4 years. It was so fun to be able to travel to St. Louis to see her get married to Englishman Jono Wilcox. It was a beautiful wedding and was so fun to celebrate with them and other GYFM friends. I’m so excited for Marta & Jono and can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for them. To the right is a picture of me and Lindsey at Marta’s wedding. Since Marta married a guy from England we couldn’t’t pass up the opportunity to partake in British tradition and don a fascinator to the wedding.

Last weekend I journeyed up to Lookout Mountain, GA to see MK Rachel Young marry her college sweetheart Hans Anderson. It was so fun to get to witness a girl I met in Panama on my very first Area Retreat and see her all grown up and getting married. It was a beautiful ceremony and I felt privileged to be there. Congrats Rachel & Hans!

What fun to be part of all these events!

What’s coming up?

We have 3! GYFM couples coming through I&O this September and I couldn’t be more excited. I, along with my boss Eric Larsen will be sharing about the GYFM and raising children on the mission field with the missionaries during I&O. This is a fun and exciting time to see these folks take the first steps in following God’s call for them to the mission field. It’s even more fun when you have team-mates there too!

We’re in full blown Area Retreat (AR) mode! These retreats are one of my favorite things about my job and I love when AR season roles around! We have a killer youth team coming with us this year and I can’t wait to catch up with the MK’s that will be there.

**I’m working on a really catchy name for these trips**
Things are rolling right along with our partnership with the 2 week department here at MTW. (If you have no idea what I’m talking about you can read more about it here) We’ve made some really good headway on finding a location for the trip (Mexico!) and working on the training program for it. I’m really excited about where we are heading. I’d appreciate your continued prayers for this project. Also if your church’s youth group would be interested in coming on either a Spring Break or Summer Missions trip let me know!

Support Status

My monthly support pledges are at 58%!!! Part of my job now is to continue to raise new support and cultivate the supporters I already have.

There are 260 people that receive this email on a monthly basis. If just half of y’all committed to support me at $20 a month I would be fully funded! If you have been thinking about supporting me monthly and just not had a chance to do so or have any other questions please don’t hesitate to let me know.MTW now has Online Donations! You can donate online at
send a check to MTW
PO Box 116284
Atlanta GA 30368
Please include my name and account number #10660 in the memo line.
You can download my prayer card here!
I pray that all is well with you and yours. So thankful for you.

By His Mercy,

Instafriday – New York Edition

12 Aug

I’m linking up with Life. Rearranged for my first installment of Instafriday!

This Friday I’m going share some of my instagrams from my recent time in New York City.

laundry time

a New York Breakfast

a yummy brunch for my mom’s birthday!

Getting some aussie grub on

my stop on the 1

Oh this place is dangerous if you like technology!

Helping Redeemer set up for VBS!

Just another normal morning in New York where they are filming TV shows right outside your door. Twas fun to watch but but so fun at 5 in the morning when they start working and you’re still trying to sleep.

Me and irene!!  Cutie Patootie! Could just eat those cheeks up!

Our fav street vendor. Gyro meat and rice please!

The rat problem in New York was really getting out of hand.

fancy fancy

I love how NYC is just peppered with churches.

Craft bomb!

Lady Liberty – She was a lot closer than this picture looks.


new gyfm mascot?

waiting for tickets to go see “how to succeed in business without really trying.” Was such a great show!

There you have it – a smattering of pics from my time in NYC.

hello there stranger

11 Aug

i’ve been neglecting the ol’ blog lately. I’ve had nothing but ministry updates since my last post. Life got a little crazy but I’m hopefully getting back in the swing of it.

I’ve got some fun plans for more regular posts though.

I’m going to start linking up with Jeanette over at Life ReArranged for Instafridays.

I love the Instagram app!  So much so it get’s prime real estate on the home screen of my phone! It’s a fun way to take photos and make them look like they weren’t taken with your phone!

So be looking for ‘Instafridays’ coming tomorrow to a blog near you.

I’ve also got some other regular (hopefully weekly) posts cooking so stay tuned!

If anyone’s still reading this – Thanks! I’ll be back soon!