1 Jun

sometimes I pretend to tap-dance while I cook…makes me happy
sometimes I forget that God’s plan is better than mine…I should just tattoo it on my forehead
sometimes I get so excited about something I can’t talk…I just squeak.
sometimes I get freaked out if I haven’t gotten an email in a while…I need help
sometimes I get my right and left confused…pretty sure I’m dyslexic
sometimes I watch the real housewives of new York city…it sucks me in every time
sometimes I sleep with the bathroom light on…just in case
sometimes I get up to do something and completely forget what that thing was…drives me crazy
sometimes I think I may have a slight addiction to pinterest…I just can’t stop
sometimes I wonder what I would have been like if I had grown up in America…but I’m glad I didn’t
sometimes I quote a movie line to people and they just stare at me…happens way to often
sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever get married…maybe one day?
sometimes I cuss when I stub my toe…ok maybe every time
sometimes I get so overwhelmed with all God has done for me I could just cry…so thankful

what are some things you do….sometimes….


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