The hunt for red octo…..I mean…luggage

5 May

So I’ve known for a while that I needed a new suitcase. One for my big trips. I’ve been perusing websites and stores for a while but the need became a little more urgent when I found out I was going to Japan. I had several nice people offer to lend me there’s but I knew that would only delay the inevitable. I ramped up my search last week and was hit with a sudden bout of extreme indecisiveness.

Hard-side or soft-side? 2 wheels or spinners? A duffel or a suitcase? What brand? How much money do i want to spend? There were so many choices and just couldn’t make my mind up.

I had had a good experience with a $75 number from wal*mart that lasted me a good 5 years and multiple international trips. So I was hesitant to by a name brand suitcase when the off- brands ad served me so well. I had several different criteria in mind that I wanted my new suitcase to meet.

1. A good size – when I travel I’m often gone for long periods of time so a bigger suitcase is a must.
2. A unique color or pattern – I want my luggage to stand out in a crown of others so I can pick it off the conveyor belt with ease.
3. Light-weight – since baggage requirements are so strict these days I need my luggage tobeas light weight as possible so I can fit as much in there as possible without going over the 50 lb limit.
4. A reasonable price – I’ve been told you don’t want to skimp on luggage. Pay a good price and your luggage will serve you well.
5. A good brand with a even better warranty.

So with these things in mind I began searching. And searching. And searching. Must have looked at hundreds of suitcases either online or in stores but nothing was meeting all of my criteria.

There was one that I was considering and I kept on going back to. This one.


It hit two of my four criteria. I loved the pattern and it was light weight. However it was really big and the price tag matched it’s size. I just was having a really hard time paying almost $300 for that bad-boy.

I started doing some online research on where the best places were to buy cheap luggage. Something that kept coming up was Marshalls/TJMaxx or Filenes Basement. So I started Checking those places out. This is where I started narrowing down what I wanted. TJ Maxx was a bust but Marshalls had a good selection of name-brand luggage at a significantly cheaper price.

Then I found a line of victorinox luggage that I was familiar with. I already own a carry-on from this brand and I love it. It has a lifetime warranty and it’s a great piece. They are also known to be very expensive. But since I was shopping at these discount stores such as Marshalls they were at a significantly reduced price. Now granted this is a close-out line that victorinox is no longer making anymore but last year it was the cream of the crop.

So this what I ended up with.


It meets all 5 of my criteria!!!

It’s a good size, a snappy color, light-weight, a great price & has a lifetime warranty!!! SCORE!

My tips for you from this ridiculously long post???
Do your research. Know what you need. Make sure you check your discount stores!

For those of you that kept reading. Your a better person that me. I would have bailed on myself a while ago. 😉


One Response to “The hunt for red octo…..I mean…luggage”

  1. Marty May 5, 2011 at 9:58 pm #

    Somebody just told me those were good luggage-buying places – right after I bought a new suitcase. But it WAS half price at Macy’s. I must say I didn’t do any research. It was on my niece’s bridal registry, so I just “decided” she’d done the research. I got one for her and one for me – hers in black and mine bright blue. I like yours better – no “stick out” pockets on the front to get snagged. But then I don’t fly more than a few times a year. Unlike you. 🙂

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