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February Update

28 Feb

Springtime green of new life

Here in Atlanta we’ve seen springtime come a little early. It’s been a breath of fresh air to have 60 & 70 degree days and bright sunshine outside. I’ve even seen some daffodils poppng up in people’s gardens.

As I see springtime peeking it’s beautiful face out from behind winter’s gray clouds it reminds me of how God’s grace and mercy in our lives gives us new life. He promises that His mercies are new every morning, every day, every season. Oh how encouraging it is to see what the Lord has and continues to bring me from. Death to life. Praise the Lord!
I was a hungry child. A dried up river. I was a burned out forest, and no one could do anything for me
But You put food in my body, water in my dry bed. And to my blackened branches,
You brought the springtime green of a new life and nothing is impossible for You.

– “You have redeemed my soul” by Waterdeep

A lot of what we are doing in the GYFM is forging new relationshinps and ministries. Whether it be connecting with Missonary Kids we may not have met yet or building partnerships with MTW teams it’s encouraging and so cool to see the Lord breath life into these relationships.


We just got done with a whirlwind week and weekend. Eric Larsen and John Chung were in town this week for some strategy meetings at the MTW office. It was an awesome week and we had some really encouraging conversations. Please be praying as we continue to follow up on these talks and move forward on some new ministry opportunities.
After our time in the office we headed up to Covenant College to spend some time with the missionary kids up there. I always love going to covenant and we had a great time. It was really exciting to have some conversations with some faculty and students at Covenant on how we can better serve and encourage the MKs there.
Once we finished up at Covenant, Eric & John headed back to Atlanta to fly back to St. Louis I hopped in my car and drove to Harriman, TN to West Hills Presbyterian Church. I had a great time sharing with the awesome folks at West Hills and am so thankful for their hospitality. I’d appreciate your prayers as I follow up with them and for possible new support opportunities.

What’s coming up?

I’m continuing to work with our Graphic Designer on our logo and branding. We’ve settled on a logo (yea!) and are working on 2.0. I can’t wait to show it to you when it is done! I’ll be visiting one of my supporting churches (Carriage Lane Presbyterian Church) next week. I’m looking forward to my time there and meeting more folks at that church.
Next week I’ll also be speaking several times at MTW’s Interview & Orientation. I love getting to share at these events because I get to connect and encourage missionaries who are just beginning their journey to get to the field. I’ll also be sharing bout the GYFM at MTW’s Vision Retreat. This is a time for folks who are interested in missions and want to know more about Mission to the World.
This month Eric will be taking a three week hiatus to spend some time writing. He will trying to take his doctoral dissertation and put it in book form. We;re all really excited about this opportunity to make the work Eric did in his doctorate more accessible to those that can benefit from it. Please be praying for him as he works on this project.

Support Status
My monthly support pledges are at 52%. Part of my job now is to continue to raise new support and cultivate the supporters I already have.Did you know that I have 131 fans on my facebook page?  I don’t say this to brag but to say if just 90 of those fans gave just $25 a month I would be fully funded! If you are already a supporter would you consider raising your pledge $10 – $20 a month? If you have been thinking about supporting me monthly and just not had a chance to do so or have any other questions please don’t hesitate to let me know.

MTW now has On-line Donations! You can donate on-line at
send a check to MTW
PO Box 116284
Atlanta GA 30368
Please include my name and account number #10660 in the memo line.
You can download my prayer card here!
I’m so thankful for all of you. Your prayers, encouragement and financial support are blessing from God. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

By His Mercy,


the crammys

14 Feb

I was watching the grammys last night and decided to enter into the running commentary that was on Twitter and Facebook. I thought all my comments were being posted onto facebook from my twitter account, come to find out the twitter app for facebook was down and none of my comments…for several days…had been posted.  So I thought I’d share them here…in case you care. There’s not a lot but I thought they were pretty good. (The title of my post will make sense when you see my first tweet).

:: the grammy awards logo looks like it says the crammy awards – someone should have caught that.
:: lady gaga’s shoulder bumps scare me
:: and her forehead horns
:: loved the mumford & sons, avett bros., and bob dylan performance…..but i couldn’t understand mr. dylan…has he always sung like that?
:: Cee-Lo looks like a peacock muppet!
Tweeted by @derekwebbok, i think one of those muppets was a real pug dog
Tweeted by @jesusneedsnewpr – Well, now we know what would happen if Ruben Studdard, Toucan Sam, & Elmo hooked up.



A whole lotta random

9 Feb

I once read a piece of advice for bloggers that said never apologize if you haven’t posted in a while. Just pick right back up from where you left off. So this is me not apologizing for not blogging and this is also me picking back up from where I left off.

I honestly have no idea where I’ve been the past month or so. It’s been pretty crazy between work, travels, family, friends and church. So I’ll just share the busyness…whatever it may be. Enjoy!

I’m taking djembe classes! Every Sunday evening I go bang on a drum for an hour and it is SO much fun. The class is not what i was expecting when i first signed up but I’ve enjoyed it none the less. If you are wondering that’s a djembe right there —>

After my trip to St. Louis and getting to sit in on a seminary class I’m beginning to take teeny tiny little baby steps towards possibly taking a seminary class or two as an actual student. (excuse me while i go throw up from nervousness)

I saw the Kings Speech a few weeks ago and it was hands down one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time. I thoroughly (side note – it just took me 7 tries and then asking spell check to spell thoroughly correctly – for the love) enjoyed it and to be perfectly honest was one of the first movies in a while where I could personally relate to the main character Bertie. (King Georgie VI)  No…I’ve never been a reluctant royal fearful to take the throne but I have struggled with a speech problem and understand the crippling fear that comes with speaking in public. Anyway…It’s a great movie!

I don’t often have a lot of time to read but I do spend at the least almost an hour in the every weekday so I like to listen to books on CD. Lately I’ve been listening to a Trilogy called the Hunger Games. The books are set in a futuristic North America where the Government controls everything; where you live, what you can eat, your occupation and most of the country is in utter poverty. Once a year 24 people (aged 12-18) are chosen to take place in a gladiator/survival game called “The Hunger Games” where you have to fight to the death. And that’s all I’m going to tell you because the more I try and describe it the crazier it will sound.  Just read/listen to them. It’s really good.

My church is going through the book of Ephesians right now and I’m loving it. I’ve been trying to be more intentional about taking notes during the sermon and it’s really been helping me pay attention. My bible study group is also doing an inductive study of Ephesians so the sermon note-taking is super helpful for this too.

I’m 3 for 4 in my quest to see each kind of pro sports games live here in the US. Thanks to my friend Shannon (who works for Cartoon Network and gets free tickets to Atlanta sports events) I got to see a Atlanta Thrashers game (Pro Hockey) a few weeks ago and we’ve got a Hawks game in the books for March.

I think that’s enough for now. That was much longer than I anticipated. I hope you’ve enjoyed this installment of a whole lotta random. I may just have to do a post like this again!