Snow Lessons

15 Jan

I’ve been in St. Louis all week taking a class at Covenant
Seminary. (which has been delightful!) While i was there a pretty big cold front came across the mid west and dropped some snow and caused the temperatures to plummet. I’m talking temps in the single digits and wind chills in the negatives….yeah. This, along with the snow was quite a shock to my “grew up in a tropical climate and lives in the south” system. So needless to say I wasn’t quite
knowledgable about the snow and freezing temps situation. I learned some things while I was here that I thought I’d share.

1. Fingerless Gloves are not super effective at keeping your handswarm when scraping snow off a car when it’s 4 degrees outside.
Let’s just say I purchased some gloves with fingers.

2. When scraping snow off a car one must make sure ALL windows are clear. Those little windows in the back are just as important as the others.

3. Snow gets everywhere….EVERYWHERE!

4. When it’s really cold outside….really really cold…it may feel like your nose is running or you have boogers hanging out of your nose…but there’s really nothing there.

5. Finding a parking space with the least amount of snow piled right next to it = your feet/pants/socks will stay dry and warm. No matter how far away that spot is it’s always your best option.

6. Snow is pretty….from in side.

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