Snow Flying

13 Jan

I promised on twitter/facebook I would blog about my travel experience during the “snowpocolypse” that hit Atlanta last weekend. I had grand plans to write an epic post on the whole journey. It was going to be great. But it’s been a long week and I’ve told the story like 10 times this week….and I’m tired. So this is going to be somewhat and to the point….

I was on my way to St. Louis to take a class at Covenant Seminary on Youth Ministry. It’s been a great week and I’ve been learning a lot but I almost didn’t get here.

I flew out on Sunday night and my flight got delayed from 7:30pm to 8:30pm then to 9:30pm. The snow started at 8pm. If you know Atlanta they don’t have the necessary resources to really handle the amount of white stuff that was falling from the sky so by the time the plane landed that was supposed to take to St. Louis it was snowing pretty hard and they gave us 20 mins to deplane the passengers who just got in and for us to reboard….yes…20 mins.

We managed to achieve this feat but then were told we still may not take off because they had closed all the runways and were treating ONE that all the planes could take off from. But before we could even think about taking off we had to get de-iced. Which was a 30 min process and the one runway that was open was a 15 min taxi away. All the while there was a possibility our flight could still be cancelled at any moment. We wouldn’t be sure to be taking off until we were in the air. So we had another for sure 45 mins before we would take off and the snow was coming down faster and heavier.

So we begin out trip to the de-icing station then to the runway. All the while every time we came to a stop the plane skidded a few feet on the snow before it actually stopped. We got de-iced (which was a fascinating process) and made it to the runway. Remarkably we were able to take off. It was pretty nerve-wracking as it was a rough take off and seemed to take us forever to get off the ground. But we made it.

After a turbulenceful flight I made it to St. Louis. My flight was the LAST flight they let leave the Atlanta Airport before they closed it.

During these previous events my phone was slowly losing battery power and I had packed my charger in my suitcase (bad idea). So by the time I got to St. Louis my phone was on the verge of dying. My GPS was also low on battery and the car I’ve been driving has non-working cigarette lighters so I couldn’t charge anything. I thought I could make it to my friends apartments so i programmed in the addresses and headed on my merry way.

About half-way there my GPS died. So I moved to my phone. Five minutes later my phone died too. I had no idea where I was, had no way to call anyone, was FREEZING cold and did I mention it was about 12:30am.

So after all my technology failed me I found the next gas station I passed and stopped to ask for directions. Friendly QT worker Steve let me use a map and helped my navigate my way to the apartment.

So 6 hours after I was dropped off at the airport in Atlanta I made it to St. Louis. A trip that should have taken 3.

Stay tuned for posts on “items I didn’t know existed but now must have after reading the Sky Mall magazine” and “things you learn when it’s snowing & 20 degrees below freezing.”

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