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the beauty of God’s word

28 Dec

A good friend of mine’s dad is the missions pastor at a large church in Birmingham AL.  She has a blog that chronicles her life with 3 awesome kids and her academic hubby. It’s a wonderful blog that I encourage you to read.

Anyway – she posted this video of a bible translation work that is going on in Papua New Guinea. This tribe is receiving the new testament in their own language for the FIRST time.  It’s beautiful! You will cry…embrace the beauty of the word of God!

click here if you can’t see a video.

As my friend says I wish i was as thankful for God’s word as these people are.  Oh how I take it for granted.


A Hilton Head Christmas

26 Dec

I hope you had a good Christmas with whoever you were spending it with. I was spending Christmas with my mom’s sister’s and there families in Hilton Head South Carolina. It was a wonderful, fairly low-key (for me) week. It was very nice.

At some point i think i was dubbed the family photographer for the week and i was happy to comply. So I thought I would share with you some of my favorite pics from the week.

Sunrise on Hilton Head Island - beautiful

Brandon - i've mentioned him before...i think he's all of our favorite...can you blame us?

the whole fam damily.
We visited Savannah on Thursday – I loved it! such a photogenic city!
Savannah Bee Company – such a fun little store!

We went to this little store called “The Paris Market” I fell in love!

Then we ate at Paula Deen’s restaurant “Lady and Sons” – So bad and so good…Butter anyone?

We played a freezing cold game of putt putt on Christmas Eve
My little family before Christmas Eve service – they’re pretty awesome
I learned how to do a bokeh (japanese for blur) photo – i’ve found a new camera trick!



He’s Here!!

25 Dec

O come let us adore him – CHRIST THE LORD!

Merry Christmas!

Mr. Bean’s nativity

21 Dec

In case you where wondering what may have happened the night Jesus was born – here’s Mr. Bean’s take on it.

{i posted this a few years ago on my old blog but thought it was worth doing again}

December Update

20 Dec
Dear desire of every nation, joy of every longing heart.

Look among the nations, and see; wonder and be astounded. For I am doing a work in your days that you would not believe if told. Habakkuk 1:5

I know I’ve talked about this verse a lot and what it has meant to me over the past 6 months but I can’t help at the end of this crazy year to LOOK and WONDER at all the Lord has done. I am overwhelmed and thankful. I hope this Christmas that Chirst is the desire and longing of your heart and you can find joy in Him and what he is doing in you.

Looking forward to 2011
I am looking forward to lot’s of things in 2011.

Lord willing, I will be…

  1. Travelling to St. Louis in January to participate in our Global Youth & Family Institute classes. I’m excited to see and experience in person the classes that Eric Larsen & John Chung have been teaching and many of my friends have taken.  I’m also excited about getting back in the classroom again and doing some good ol’ fashion learnin’!
  2. Helping lead the youth portion of MTW’s Re-Entry Retreat.
  3. Going to Covenant College in the Spring to spend some time with the Missionary Kid’s there.
  4. Heading to Kansas City to attend the MK Caregivers conference.

And that’s just the first 4 months! I’d appreciate your prayers as I plan and work diligently towards all of these things.

Merry Christmas – In Him, Ruthanne
Christmas Card
You can download a copy of my Christmas Card here.
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How would He come?

19 Dec

Everything was ready. The moment God had been waiting for was here at last! God was coming o help His people, just as He promised in the beginning.

But how would he come? What would he be like? What would he do?

Mountains would have bowed down. Seas would have roared. Trees would have clapped their hands. But the earth held its breath. As silent as snow falling, he came in. When no one was looking, in the darkness, he came.

Jesus Storybook Bible – page 176 – adapted from Luke 1 & 2


We’re a week away from the big day…Are you ready? Do you think Mary and Joseph felt ready? They had just been given the biggest shock of their life…I bet they never thought their family would start the way it did.


One morning, this girl [Mary} was minding her own business when, suddenly, a great warrior of light appeared – right there in her bedroom. He was Gabriel and he was an angel, a special messenger from heaven.

“Mary, you’re going to have a baby. A little boy. You will call him Jesus. He is God’s own Son. He’s the One! He’s the Rescuer!”

The God who flung the planets into space and kept them whirling around and around, the God who made the universe with just one word, the one who could do anything at all – was making himself small. And coming down…as a baby.

So Mary trusted God more than what her eyes could see. And she believed. “I am God’s servant,” she said. “Whatever God says, I will do.”


On the outside Mary seems very faithful, obedient even compliant to this news that she is going to be a Mom without ever having “done the deed” if you will, with Joseph. (yea…I went there) What do you think was going on in her heart?  I know if it were me i would be FAH-REAKING OUT! Questioning God’s plan left and right. Questioning whether I was the right person for this monumental task.

To be honest with you I don’t have this post wrapped up in a neat little bow. It is one of those mysteries of God that I don’t think I will ever understand.  Why He chooses the people He chooses to do the tasks he has. I’m not comparing my self to Mary but I think that about me and the job he has for me in this stage of my life.  It just baffles me.

But one thing that I love are the characters and stories that God has used & woven together to tell His story. About our rescuer.  Who’s coming!

New Redemption Song

13 Dec

Just discovered this beautiful song today. (thanks Trip!) What beautiful words and melodies.

I don’t listen to much Over the Rhine but I may just have to start listening to more!

You can stream it here…Enjoy!

New Redemption Song by Over the Rhine

Lord, we need a new redemption song
Lord, we?ve tried, it just seems to come out wrong
Won’t You help us please, help us just to sing along
A new redemption song, a new redemption song

Lord, we need a new redemption day
All our worries keep getting in the way
Won’t You help us please, help us find the words to pray
To bring redemption day, to bring redemption day

Lord, we need a new redemption song
Lord, we?ve tried, it just seems to come out wrong
Won’t You help us please, help us just to sing along
A new redemption song, a new redemption song

‘Tis the Season…

2 Dec

…For shopping till your feet want to fall off? Nope. For sending Christmas cards to everyone you have ever met? Not quite. For bouncing from party to party drinking your weight in egg nog? I don’t think so.

I’ve been thinking for a while about writing a short series on some of my thoughts on the season of Advent but just wasn’t sure how to go about it.  Then I remembered one of my favorite books.

The Jesus Storybook Bible. WHAT!?!? You’ve never heard of the Jesus Storybook Bible? FO SHAME! This beautifully written book by Sally Lloyd-Jones lives up to it’s tagline “Every story whispers His name.” Don’t be confused – This is a book geared towards kid’s but the creativity and freshness that it tells the gospel is amazing and will speak to hearts of all ages. From Creation to Noah’s ark pentecost, every story & illustration speaks of God’s rescue plan for His children! It brings me to tears every time I read it. So what better way to talk about the coming of our savior then to use excerpts from this great book. So let’s get started!


Get Ready!

Jesus Storybook Bible page 175. Adapted from Malachi 1, 3 & 4.

I can’t stop loving you. You are my heart’s treasure. But I lost you. Now I am coming back for you.

I am like the sun that gently shines on you, chasing away darkness and fear and death. You’ll be so happy – you’ll be like little calves running free in an open field.

I am going to send my Messenger – The Promised One. The One you have been waiting for. The Rescuer.

He is coming. So, get ready!


If you are following the church calendar, the season that we are in right now is called “Advent.” The word Advent means “arrival” or “coming.” The coming of our Savior! So the time leading up to Christmas day (the culmination of Advent) is the time we wait or anticipate the arrival of our Him!  Waiting is hard isn’t it! I don’t know anyone who likes to wait. I am the worst at it. So can you imagine when the book of Malachi was written (that’s the book that the above passage was adapted from) the Israelites had been waiting for a LONG time.  Centuries! Some of them had lived their whole life in waiting for their Messiah. OOF! That’s a long time. But God knew they were not ready. It’s hard to wait for things when you think you are ready for them but God has a different plan.


Jesus Storybook Bible page 175

It had taken centuries for God’s people to be ready, but now the time had almost come for the best part of God’s plan. God himself was going to come. Not to punish his people – but to rescue them. God was getting ready to wipe every tear from every eye. And the true party was just about to begin.


Waiting can sometimes be a good thing though. We learn a lot in the waiting periods in our lives. They can be times of preparation for us. Just like the Israelites were not ready yet for the Messiah to come we are not always ready for the things that we may be waiting for.

So can I encourage you during this time of waiting for Christmas to come; amidst the shopping, the Christmas cards or the egg nog take time to relish in the anticipation. There’s excitement that comes along with it, there’s lessons that come too.

I’m going to try and take time this season to relish in the anticipation. To get excited.

Our rescuer is coming! Get Ready!