November Update

8 Nov
Ruthanne’s November Update
Look among the nations, and see; wonder and be astounded. For I am doing a work in your days that you would not believe if told.
Habbakuk 1:5

I love this verse.  I was only introduced to it a few weeks ago but it has become a groundbreaking verse for me.  In this verse God is responding to Habbakuk after he spent the first 4 verses complaining to God about all that is wrong in his world. So God told him, “LOOK!” “LOOK AROUND YOU!” “See the nations and what I am doing!” I really feel like I got a opportunity to “See the Nations” this weekend at the Global Missions Conference (GMC) and I am still in wonder and astonishment of what the Lord is doing and that I get to play a part in it.

Global Missions Conference

The GYFM had a great time this weekend at the GMC in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I said this so many times this weekend but the GMC is like a big Family Reunion for me! I got to see friends and missionaries from all over the world some of which I haven’t seen in many years. I got to catch up with fellow MK’s who I grew up with, MK’s who I hung out with at Area Retreats when I was an MK in High School, MK’s who I’ve gotten to know over the past 4 years as I’ve been on youth teams at their Area Retreats. I loved that you couldn’t walk down the main hallway of the convention center and not say hello or give a hug to many a long time friend.

Our College TCK hangout!

On Friday Night we had a event for all of the college-aged Third Culture Kid’s (TCK) that were at the conference.  We had no idea how many students would come but we booked a room at a nearby restaurant and it was standing room only with the over 40 TCK’s that attended! It was so fun to catch up with those I have not seen in a long time and meet others whose families may not be with MTW. I look forward to seeing what God does with the connections that were made that night.

It was also so encouraging for us as a GYFM team to see the Lord open people’s eyes to what we are doing. We had a booth in the exhibit hall and it was such a blessing to have a central place where people could come and ask us questions. Questions ranged from churches asking how they can encourage their missionaries and their families better, missionaries asking how they can reach the next generation in their communities, and parent’s asking how they can understand and love on their MK’s better. We would so appreciate your prayers as we follow up with all who we met with and that we would continue to make partnerships and reach the next generation with the love of God.

The coming months…

The next couple of months will be fairly low key for me. I’m looking forward to these upcoming weeks so I can catch up on many things that have been put on hold while we were preparing for the Area Retreat and the GMC.

Prayer Requests:

–       I will be working on making some more connections and contacts in regards to my support raising. Please pray that these would be fruitful.
–       Eric & John will be travelling to Japan to teach a GYFI class at Christ Bible Institute in Nagoya. They then go to Korea to connect with national pastors there.

Because of His Mercy,

Ruthanne – personal – ministry
404-401-6282 – cell
678-823-0004 x2288 – desk

A note about my Support Raising

The Lord continues to provide for me in overwhelming ways and he continues to raise up new members of my support team!  I am so thankful for how the Lord is using you to allow me to be part of this ministry.

As you may know I received a large one-time gift at the end of June that enabled me to start with the GYFM at the beginning of July. This has been a great encouragement to me and I am so thankful to be able to be working full-time.  However this money has only been committed to me for one year.  My monthly support pledges are at 53%. Part of my job now is to continue to raise new support and cultivate the supporters I already have.

Did you know that I have 131 fans on my facebook page?  I don’t say this to brag but to say if just 90 of those fans gave just $25 a month I would be fully funded! If you are already a support would you consider raising your pledge $10 – $20 a month? If you have been thinking about supporting me monthly and just not had a chance to do so or have any other questions please don’t hesitate to let me know.

MTW now has Online Donations! You can donate online at
send a check to MTW
PO Box 116284
Atlanta GA 30368
Please include my name and account number #10660 in the memo line.
You can download my prayer card here!

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