Area Retreat Update #4

15 Oct

Hello Friends and Family –

It’s hard to believe that the past two weeks even happened. Two days ago we ended the Youth Program at the Area Retreat with a party and lots of hugs and good-byes. This is always one of the hardest parts of these retreats and my job; saying good-bye to these students and praying that the Lord continues to care for them as they go back home.  Many of them are trying to figure out where they will go for college. Others families are looking at a major move to a different country. Please be praying for these students as they head home and get settled back into school and life there.

It was really hard to head home after such a wonderful week time. Every Area Retreat I have participated in I am always amazed and astounded at the team the Lord provides to care for these students. I’ve never seen a group of people come together and work like we’ve been working together for years.  It’s a beautiful thing and I always leave wishing we could work together everyday. I’m so thankful for the team that we had this past week. They all did a stellar job!

One part of what we do at the retreats is to make videos. Some are used to introduce the youth team or recap what a fun week we had…others are just for fun.  This year’s videos are particularly excellent and I highly encourage you to watch them.

Youth Team Intro Video
Great Moments in Mexican History: the Legend of Lucha
Great Moments in Mexican History: the Mystery of the Myan Calendar.

Up next for the GYFM is the Global Missions Conference in Chattanooga TN. We will have a booth there and hope that the Conference will be a great time of networking and sharing the vision of the Global Youth & Family Ministry!

Thank you so much for praying for me & the Area Retreat.  The Lord was working and many students were encouraged.  I’m so thankful for you!

In Him,

**Note about the picture…Here’s the whole crew! There was a lot of wrangling to get this picture taken but we got it done and I love it and everyone in it!**

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