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28 Oct

I love a good blooper reel. One of my favorite things is to watch the bloopers from friends.  SO FUNNY. So when I was had to film myself for a video to be shown during one of my supporting church’s missions Sunday I had no idea it would take me 60 takes to get the right one.  I don’t know if anyone else will find this funny but I got a chuckle out of it.



25 Oct

Sometimes I want to put something on twitter but It’s too long and i can’t figure out don’t want to shorten it. I wanted to tweet this today but it was 17 characters too long…

::Rock of Ages, when in want or rest My desperate need for such a Savior I confess Pull these idols out from my heart embrace Rock of Ages, I need Your grace

Oh how true this is….

Lessons from songs # 9

22 Oct

Sometimes a Light Surprises – William Cowper

Sometimes a light surprises the Christian while he sings;
It is the Lord Who rises with healing in His wings:
When comforts are declining, He grants the soul again
A season of clear shining, to cheer it after the rain

In holy contemplation we sweetly then pursue
The theme of God’s salvation, and find it ever new;
Set free from present sorrow, we cheerfully can say,
Let the unknown tomorrow bring with it what it may.

Tomorrow can bring us nothing, but He will bear us through:
Who gives the lilies clothing will clothe His people, too:
Beneath the spreading heavens no creature but is fed;
And He Who feeds the ravens will give His children bread.

Though vine nor fig tree neither their wonted fruit should bear,
Though all the fields should wither, nor flocks or herds be there
Yet, God the same abiding, His praise shall tune my voice;
For, while in Him confiding, I cannot but rejoice.

During the Area Retreat the Youth join the adults for Sunday morning worship. During that time of worship our worship leaders taught us (or at least me) this wonderful hymn written by William Cowper. Cowper was a good friend of John Newton and was known to struggle with depression.

The words of this hymn are beautiful and full of hope but I love the title more. I think I am always surprised at God. You’d think by now it wouldn’t be a surprise when He shows us his grace and mercy. I hope I never expect God’s love…i always want to be surprised. I think if I did expect that would be a very dangerous place to be. But oh how sweet it is when that surprise comes and we are reminded of how He loves us.

I was also introduced to this verse during the area retreat.

Habbakuk 1:5 Look among the nations, and see; wonder and be astounded. For I am doing a work in your days that you would not believe if told.

I LOVE this verse!  What hope it gives me! It’s hard sometimes to remember to look around and see outside of your circumstances and see what God is doing all around us.  I want this to be my anchor verse. When I get so caught up in myself and forget that the Lord is working, surprising and doing things that I can’t even imagine I want to remember to LOOK…WONDER…be ASTOUNDED!

I feel a new tattoo being born…maybe… 😉

Area Retreat Update #4

15 Oct

Hello Friends and Family –

It’s hard to believe that the past two weeks even happened. Two days ago we ended the Youth Program at the Area Retreat with a party and lots of hugs and good-byes. This is always one of the hardest parts of these retreats and my job; saying good-bye to these students and praying that the Lord continues to care for them as they go back home.  Many of them are trying to figure out where they will go for college. Others families are looking at a major move to a different country. Please be praying for these students as they head home and get settled back into school and life there.

It was really hard to head home after such a wonderful week time. Every Area Retreat I have participated in I am always amazed and astounded at the team the Lord provides to care for these students. I’ve never seen a group of people come together and work like we’ve been working together for years.  It’s a beautiful thing and I always leave wishing we could work together everyday. I’m so thankful for the team that we had this past week. They all did a stellar job!

One part of what we do at the retreats is to make videos. Some are used to introduce the youth team or recap what a fun week we had…others are just for fun.  This year’s videos are particularly excellent and I highly encourage you to watch them.

Youth Team Intro Video
Great Moments in Mexican History: the Legend of Lucha
Great Moments in Mexican History: the Mystery of the Myan Calendar.

Up next for the GYFM is the Global Missions Conference in Chattanooga TN. We will have a booth there and hope that the Conference will be a great time of networking and sharing the vision of the Global Youth & Family Ministry!

Thank you so much for praying for me & the Area Retreat.  The Lord was working and many students were encouraged.  I’m so thankful for you!

In Him,

**Note about the picture…Here’s the whole crew! There was a lot of wrangling to get this picture taken but we got it done and I love it and everyone in it!**

Area Retreat Update #3

9 Oct

Hello Friends and Family –

Last night we had an all retreat Line Dancing Party…Imagine missionaries and kids from all over Latin America coming together and just being as goofy as they can be.  It was SO much fun.  That is one thing I love about these Area Retreats.  We really want it to be a time of rest & relaxtion for the missionaries and their familes and I love to see how some just let loose while they are here.

We’ve now had two full days of programs with the Youth and they have both gone really well.  We created a showed an video introducing our awesome Youth Team that you MUST watch.

Or you can go see on You Tube.   I love these folks that I get to minister along side and am SO thankful for their service this week.

It’s been so good to get to reconnect with these students that we haven’t seen in 4 years.  Please be praying for them as they continue to be encouraged in God’s word this week.  Drew Wilkins has been doing a great job teaching this week and is focussing on finding your identity in Christ.  It has been great.  Please be praying for Drew also as he continues to teach.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support for us while we are here.  It’s crazy to think we only have two full days left…the time is flying by!  Be on the lookout for more awesome videos later on in the week.

In Him,

**Note about the picture…Sometimes your job may require you to put on a inflatable bull costume…One of the many things about my job that I just can’t believe is happening but I LOVE that I get to do it.  I was up for the task this week as I made an appearance in one of our videos.  Yup…That’s me in that get up…It was so much fun**

Area Retreat Update #2

7 Oct

Hello Friends and Family – Well….It has been a crazy wonderful few days. We arrived in Mexico on Saturday and have spent the past few days getting orientated to the weather and hotel where the retreat is. All 25 of our youth team have arrived safe and sound and have jumped right in to working hard.

Tonight we had out first event; an open house the students and parents to come and meet the youth team, get to know their small group leader and hang out. It was SO much fun and so cool to see students and their parents again after 4 years.

Please be praying for our team as we enter into a BUSY BUSY week.

Please also pray for safety amongst us – we’ve had a few close calls but the Lord has continued to protect us. We start our full program tomorrow morning then we will be go go go all week long! I can’t wait! Internet is a bit sketchy right now but I hope to have more time to update again soon. I also hope to post the videos we are making on you tube for you to see.

Thank you so much for your prayers! I’m so thankful for all of you and for my job – I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

In Him, Ruthanne

**Note about the picture…We are a chaco loving team here. Almost all of us have a version of these awesome sandals and we thought it would be fun to take a pic. This picture also reminds me of all the different walks of life people are coming from to be here and that we all have beautiful feet that are carrying the word of God!**

Laugh out Loud

1 Oct

I’ve been meaning to do this post for a while but as with many things in my life I think, “Oh, I need to do this.” Then I inevitably forget to do said thing.  It’s fun (not really) quirk about me.

In a world of DVR’s and skipping over commercials the art of a good TV ad is one that companies have to work even harder to do…to catch someone’s attention while they are fast forwarding to the next segment of their favorite show is hard.

So I thought I would give you a little taste of the commercials that make me LOL. I love a good commercial. In some instances, I miss that about DVRs.

I love how after the piggy finishes all of his weee-ing…he has this little kid voice…hilarious!

There is something to say about being with people who understand you.

I know people have mixed feelings about these commercials…this one just gets me everytime…DAD?!?…hillarious


“keep your hands off my momma…” awesome

:: That should be enough for now…this may turn into a series…we’ll see.