a series

15 Sep

A few weeks back my family, along with friend and photographer Bobbi Jo were having brunch at Sun in My Belly in Kirkwood. Kirkwood is a lovely neighborhood in Atlanta nestled near Decatur & Oakhurst and East Atlanta.  And Sun in my Belly is just delicious! While dining at Sun in my Belly – thanks to a scout mob coupon…..What’s scout mob you ask?

*start tanget*

Have I blogged about the wonder that is Scout Mob? No? I’m so sorry… Scout mob is a wonderful coupon service that is available in certain US cities that offers great deals on restaurants, shops and even some salons. No purchase is necessary, (unlike groupon) all you have to do is have the app on your iPhone or Droid and show the coupon when you pay. Most coupons are for 50% off! It has been a wonderful discovery! And very handy for one who likes to try new restaurants.

*end tangent*

My mother spotted a book called “Eat. Shop. Atlanta.

(in case you are looking for it the cover is actually more orange than the red depicted in this picture)

We scanned through the book and noticed lots of different restaurant suggestions featured in this book. My mother purchased a copy for us. (thanks mom!)

As we were eating our delicious brunch and looking more closely at the book a thought popped into my head…”How fun would it be to have do a series on my blog and try out all the different restaurants in this book!” So I told my sister that that’s what were were going to do and that’s what we are going to do.

So we will start in October (after I get back from Mexico) every Monday as our schedules allow. We are going to try out one of these places from the book. Not many restrictions are on us except for the fact that we are not allowed to order the same thing.

So off we go! I’ll try my best to take pictures of our dishes and update the blog as soon as we get home to let you know how it was…Also if anyone would like to join us you are MORE than welcome…The more the merrier in our opinion!

Stay tuned for the first post. I also need suggestions on what to call the series…give me your ideas…i promise to give you credit!


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