5 Sep

I’ve been in Florida all weekend visiting with family and going to my Great Aunt’s 75th Birthday.

One of the highlights has been getting to cuddle on this cute little punkin! Brandon is my cousin’s sweet baby boy…SO. MUCH. CUTENESS!

It’s been so good to get to hug on sweet brandon (and his mom and dad) in person instead of just oohing and aahing over pictures.

Can’t wait to stay with y’all again when we are in Orlando in a couple of weeks!

PS – another funny, albeit very weird, highlight was one of the courses we had for dinner last night at my Great Aunt’s party. This was one of those “cleanse your palette” courses…we just couldn’t quite “hand”le it….

you can go to my facebook page and see some of the comments people left about it. Everyone’s families have their own little quirks don’t they? Or is it just my family that serves a scoop of sorbet on a huge ice cube shaped like a hand……..oh just mine? alright then.

Hope y’all have had a great labor day weekend!


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