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getting old

18 Aug

I often say that when I hear a former youth group student is in College and I remember when they started middle school that I’m getting old. I’ve joked in the past that God and I have a deal that He is going to come back before I get old. Granted I’m only 27 and I know in the grand scheme of things I’m practically a infant in this thing called life but I still catch myself thinking about what it is going to be like to grow old.

I was babysitting for some friends on Sunday night and in the middle of bath time their three year old exclaimed, “Your old!” I answered, “Yup, I am older than you are.” Then he said, “And after your grow up you die.” I wonder if in his eyes I was grown up and on the brink of death.

This video is making it’s rounds in the twitter circles that I am in.  It’s precious.

I caught me off guard because this couple got married the same year my parent’s did yet they sound so much older than my mom and dad are.  I don’t see my mom and dad in this stage of life yet. In all honesty I think I catch myself thinking about what will happen when my parents get old more than myself. (remember…God and I have a deal…) I’ve experienced 3 of my grandparents going through their final stages of life and seen the toll it took and is taking on my family. I fear that time. How will I handle it? Will it be a quick process or will it be long and drawn out? Some people may find this kind of morbid to talk about but it’s been on my mind.

I guess the big picture thought is that I believe in a sovereign God who has all my steps ordained and in the palm of His hand. So whatever happens in the future and however my parents or I grow old, I know it will happen exactly as He ordains. I just don’t know the when or how. I think this is the life-long struggle I, and so many christian face. Reconciling our faith that God is Sovereign and our desire to know the future.

Whate’er my God ordains is right, His holy will abideth; I will be still whate’er He doth, and follow where He guideth.


family pictures

2 Aug

i took some family pictures yesterday for some friends. it was a short session but i was able to capture some great pics.