20 Jul

i just finished listening to CS Lewis’ “the Screwtape Letters” on CD and i am just in awe of this piece of literature.

i’ve never been one to really think about spiritual warfare or satan’s desire to draw us away from the Lord but listening to this book really has me thinking about it.  i think i just never wanted to entertain the fact that some other force has influence over me other than the Lord.  it really makes me want to be more vigilant about prayer against the spiritual attack.  i know i have definitely felt attacked spiritually but it’s a scary weird thing to think about.  it is crazy to realize how how vulnerable we are to attack BUT awesome to know how mighty the Lord is that satan cannot win.

if you get a chance to listen to this particular version of the screwtape letters produced by focus on the family’s radio theater team, it is PHENOMENAL! andy serkis (the guy who played gollum in lord of the rings) is the voice of screwtape and is fantastic!


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