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mi padre

22 Jun

this post is overdue…vbs is taking away my capacity to blog/twitter/facebook. i should have it back in a week or so.

if you haven’t met my dad you are missing out on something special. if you were to need a definition for what an incredibly awesome, godly, loving, funny, cool person my dad’s picture would be right there.

it’s overwhelming sometimes to think about how the Lord has blessed me with two parents that love each other, love me, but most importantly love the Lord. i am so thankful for the legacy that they have given me.

it’s really fun because i get to work with a bunch of people who know my dad and i love when people tell me how much they love my dad too. it’s fun when people say “we love you dad!” and i get to say, “SO DO I – ISN’T HE AWESOME!”

daddy i love you so much! happy fathers day (sorry i wasn’t able to call you until 3:30 in the afternoon)



22 Jun

seeing as i don’t know the demographic of the people that read my blog i don’t want to assume that everyone knows everything about me.

I grew up in brisbane, australia as a missionary kid. while there my parents were instrumental in helping a university campus ministry get started in brisbane. it’s now been twelve years later and that ministry is thriving and sending students all over the world. it’s overwhelming to see how the Lord is blessing this ministry. i’m so thankful!

Have a look at this video (made by the phillips family who are heading over to part of this ministry)

sleeping in church

11 Jun

I saw this idea on a blog I read written by Abraham Piper and I loved this idea of repurposing an old church pew.

I would love to do this one day.

June Update

10 Jun

His love has no limit, His grace has no measure.His power has no boundaries known unto man.
For all of His infinite riches in Jesus. He giveth and giveth and giveth again.

These words penned by author Annie J. Flint in the hymn “He Giveth More Grace” offer such encouragement to me. Everything in this world has a limit and a measure but to be reminded that God’s love and grace is boundless and limitless. It’s hard to comprehend isn’t it! But what comfort and assurance!

Support Raising

The Lord has been gracious to me and provided a significant gift that is enabling me to start working full time with the Global Youth & Family Ministry beginning in July. I am so excited that after two and half years I am finally able to give all my time and energy to the GYFM. Even though i have been given this awesome gift I still am reliant on the generosity of my current supporters and still need additional supporters. Would you thank the Lord with me for this provision and pray with me as I continue to build my support team.

What’s next?

After almost 2 years of serving in the Childrens Ministry my last day of work at Intown Community Church will be June 28th. But work at Intown is definitely not slowing down! Vacation Bible School is in a week and a half! (June 21-25) All of us in the Children’s Ministry staff would appreciate your prayers as we work on final details for VBS. I would also appreciate your prayers as I close out my time at Intown and that I would finish strong and finish well.

The month of July sees me in North Carolina & New York City. I will be, along with Eric Larsen, leading the youth program at MTW’s ReEntry retreat. Right after ReEntry we will be heading straight into Summer Conference. Both these retreats are key places where we get to interact with and encourage MK’s while they are on Home Ministry Assignment with their families. A week after ReEntry and Summer Conference we will head to New York City to participate in MTW’s Cross Cultural Ministry Internship) CCMI formerly pre field training). We will be helping equip new missionaries who are in the process of going to the field. CCMI is a family affair so we will also be hanging out with the youth that are going through CCMI with their parents. This is a key time for us to begin relationships with these MK’s that will continue through the lifetime of there service with MTW.  I’m really excited to get to be part of this because way back in 2003 I was an intern for CCMI (then pre field). I’m also excited because my Mom and Dad will be at CCMI for the entire month of July acting as mentors. I love it when I get to work with them. I hope to have lot’s of pictures to share with you from my July travels!

I am so thankful for y’all and your support and encouragement to me during this journey. The fun part is only just beginning! I can’t wait to continue to share with you all the ways the Lord is working in my life and the lives of youth all over the world.