26 May

i had the privilege of watching the lost finale twice with 2 different groups of people. it was fun to watch such a big tv event with people who have been watching it from the beginning.

don’t worry – i won’t be talking about the finale at all…i don’t want to spoil it for friends i know have not watched it yet.

i did want to share some “lostafenalia” (lost paraphernalia) that i have stumbled upon on the internets.

these silk screens by graphic designer ty mattson are so cool.

i love a good graphic tee so this one from threadless tees definitely caught my eye.

at one of the viewing parties i went to we had these awesome dharma beers.  they were pretty sweet.

it’s the end of an era – i still don’t understand everything that happened on that show but it was fun while it lasted.

anyone have any new shows that they are liking?

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