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26 May

i had the privilege of watching the lost finale twice with 2 different groups of people. it was fun to watch such a big tv event with people who have been watching it from the beginning.

don’t worry – i won’t be talking about the finale at all…i don’t want to spoil it for friends i know have not watched it yet.

i did want to share some “lostafenalia” (lost paraphernalia) that i have stumbled upon on the internets.

these silk screens by graphic designer ty mattson are so cool.

i love a good graphic tee so this one from threadless tees definitely caught my eye.

at one of the viewing parties i went to we had these awesome dharma beers.  they were pretty sweet.

it’s the end of an era – i still don’t understand everything that happened on that show but it was fun while it lasted.

anyone have any new shows that they are liking?


May Update

11 May

Are not two sparrows sold for a penny?
Yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from the will of your Father.
And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered.
Matthew 10:29-30

I have a piece of paper hanging on the wall by my desk with a few verses on them. This verse in Matthew has always been an encouraging one for me. It has reminded me of my heavenly Father’s love for me and how He knows me; He knows me well. He knows my hearts desires and He longs to see those things fulfilled…in HIS timing. It’s hard sometimes to wait on the Lord and his sovereignty. Especially if it’s been something you have been waiting for for a long time. But oh the joy when you see the Lord working in a real and huge way!

Support Raising

I want to thank you for supporting me through prayers, and financial giving during this season of support raising. You have been such a encouragement to me through this time and I am so thankful for you. Through some anonymous givers through MTW who have given SO generously and the financial support team God has already provided for me I am up to 94%of my monthly need!!!!!!!! Praise God with me for His provision. I am overwhelmed by this news. It is so exciting to, after almost two and a half years of support raising to see the finish line ahead of me.

I am $220 in monthly pledges away from being fully funded! That’s only 9 pledges at $25 a month. Or 5 pledges at $50 a month. Or 2 pledges at $110 a month! We’re so close!  I have several different contacts that I am in the process of following up with. Please pray with me as I continue to support raise and work to reach my goal. If you are currently supporting me would you help me reach my goal by stretching to give $20, $10, even $5 more each month? If you would like to make a new pledge to help me move even closer than my goal please feel free to get in touch with me. I have attached my prayer card to this email that has a pledge card on it but you can also visit and click on the Donate page to find it there.

Mission to the World now has Online Giving! Go to and click on the “online giving” link to find out more.

What’s going in the GYFM?

Even amidst all of this excitement and this jump in support there is still lots going on with the Global Youth & Family Ministry.

In a week and a half we have some of our staff traveling to Europe! Eric Larsen (Director of the GYFM) & Marta Douglass (newly approved GYFM staff for Europe) will travel to London for a site visit for Marta and a youth leader training. Eric then moves on to Hungary for the European Leadership Forum (we will be training national leaders in next generation ministry)

July is a busy month for the GYFM. We are in the midst of our planning for the Re-Entry and Summer Conference retreats in July. These retreats are important times for us to build relationships with MK’s and encourage them while they are back in the States on Home Ministry Assignment with their families. Also in July, Eric & I will be in NYC for MTW’s Cross Cultural Ministry Internship (formerly known as Pre-Field Training). We will be helping train and prepare new missionaries and their kids to go to field while we are there.

Our plans are coming along well for the Latin America Area Retreat in October. I enjoying planning for these retreats and making them the best times they can be so it’s exciting to see the time get closer and more details fall into place.

We will also be offering another 1-week intensive youth ministry course in August through the Global Youth & Family Institute partnership with Covenant Seminary and Reformed Theological Seminary.


I’m so thankful for each of you and your encouragement to me. I feel the Lord’s love and provision for me through your faithful prayers and gifts. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you want more info or have any other questions. I can’t wait to let you know when I am fully funded!

In Him, Ruthanne

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mothers day

9 May

if you don’t know my mom you’re missing out on something special. my mom is awesome. she loves, cares for and encourages people all over the world. she loves my sister and i with a tenacity (is that how you spell that?) that is amazing. she is awesome!

happy mothers day mom! I’m so thankful for you. i wish i was able to hang out with you all day and love on you. I hope you feel loved and and appreciated today.


5 May

a few weeks back i posted about getting new prayer card pictures taken by my uber talented friend bobbi jo. well what i didn’t tell you was after i got my photos taken my sister came and we did a little photo shoot together for our mothers day present.  you may be thinking “don’t say anything…it’s not mother’s day yet and you will ruin the surprise!” well never fear. my mom was in town this past weekend and we gave her her present early. i thought i would share some of the pictures of the two of us that bobbi jo made into a slide show.

here’s the final product that we got framed and gave to mom.

i know for a fact that i don’t say this enough nor do i tell her as often as i should but i have a awesome sister. i love you beka.