preparing my return

2 Apr

i gave up all beverages except for water and juice for lent. for the most part (there have been a handful of times for various and sundry reasons) i have kept to my fast. it’s been an interesting lesson and experience. one with surprising outcomes.  here are some things i have noticed.

i’m surprised how much i miss the beverages i gave up…coffee and alcohol in particular. i don’t think i ever really went through a withdrawal from them (ok maybe from the coffee – but only a little) but i do miss the comfort they bring. the smell and warmth or a cup of coffee first thing in the morning. a cold beer when i am out with friends. i’ve realized drinking for me is a very social thing and i have missed that. i’m still hanging out with them but i feel like something is missing. i think i am most looking forward to being able to have a cup of coffee or a beer (or amaretto sour….yum!) when ever i want.

so i’ve been contemplating my return to the coffee drinking world. i don’t typically drink brewed coffee unless there are more people than just me having a cup. (my sister does not drink coffee in the morning) i’ve experimented with french presses (love them but a lot of work and messy) and  a manual drip filter cone (also fine but not great coffee – good never get it right).

both of which required you to boil the water first then wait…well in the morning that just isn’t cutting it for me…i want an all in one coffee maker that will make enough for one or two cups without having to purchase a espresso machine (i wish but i don’t have the cash to drop on one of those puppies….yes i know i am a picky person….but as a former barista i feel it is my duty.

so i’m going to try out one of these.

it’s a stove-top espresso maker.  they are common in south america and europe (fancy right?) i’m excited because they come highly recommended by my good friends the marshalls (and they new a thing or two about coffee – he’s from cuba) i’m also pumped about having a all in one deal with no pesky filters. i plan to purchase one next week. i

**i’ve wrote this post a few days ago and have had it saved as a draft**

Since i originally wrote this post my awesome friend becca who i also work with let me borrow this…

she had it lying around her house and wasn’t using it!  i’m excited and so thankful to get to test it out without having to purchase one.  thanks becca! i’ll let you all know how it goes.


One Response to “preparing my return”

  1. Claudia April 2, 2010 at 5:38 am #

    You inspired me to try one of those gadgets! I’m with you: brewed coffee (American style) just doen’t cut it, and French- presses are a hassle to wash! As one who grew up in Brazil and who now lives in Australia, coffee is a MUST in life! Feel sorry for those who don’t know its taste.

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