growing up global

8 Mar

i stumbled upon a book today as i was perusing my twitter feed while eating my lunch. it’s called “growing up global“. It’s a book that gives parents easy ways to expand their kid’s horizons to different cultures and helping them to be at home among worlds.  As you can imagine this struck my fancy and i intend on purchasing it for my library.

I don’t have kids but i myself have grown up having the pleasure and privilege of being exposed to many different cultures. i have so many awesome memories of traveling to thailand, singapore, malaysia, new zealand and even growing up in australia.  i cherish that part of my childhood. even now as an “adult” (i still don’t feel like one) i’ve been able to experience spain, panama and many other places. i hope if the Lord grants me children that they too will have the same opportunities that i had to see the world.

here is a little promo video for the video. i’ll let you know how it is.


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