1 Mar

i remember the night so well. it was august of 2001. i was starting college in a city i’d never lived in in a country i didn’t really connect with. i was forced to go to this dance by my RA that i didn’t really want to go to. so i was standing around not really knowing what to do when one of the girls from my hall who i barely knew came up to me and asked me if i wanted to come hang out with her and some friends. i said yes but inside i was screaming get me the heck out of this place!…that’s how it all started. there were six of us.

i am so thankful for my friends from college. i don’t think i would have made it through without them. they loved me just the way i was (a confused, culture-shocked girl) and still love me just the way i am now (still confused and slightly less culture-shocked).

We all stay in pretty good touch even though we all span 3 (soon to be 4) states across the southeast but we don’t see each other nearly enough in my opinion. so i was really excited when we planned a little reunion this weekend. we laughed a lot, acted goofy like we did back in college and saw some atlanta sites. i had so much fun and it wasn’t nearly long enough. here are some pictures…unfortunately the only group picture we took was the one they took at the world of coke which i had to gank off of their website…that’s why it’s so small.

thanks for a great weekend ladies!

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  1. reunions | God | Life | The World - March 25, 2011

    […] They’ll only be here for about 24 hours but it promises to be a wonderful 24 hours. I have great intentions of taking lots of pictures….hopefully I will live up to my intentions. A group shot will be a vast improvement from last time. […]

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