23 Feb

every morning when i get to work i put my stuff in my office and go fill up my water bottle from the water cooler. every morning.

by the way – this is my water bottle – it’s a camelbak – i heart it – it’s the best one out there in my opinon!

there’s something comforting about routine. i can control it. i can rely on it. it’s fun to mix up your routine but then their is always comfort in going back to that routine. it’s like putting on your favorite pair of slippers…it just fits.

but starting new routines are hard. i’m trying to get into a new morning routine where i get up at 6am and work out. so far i have been successful. i got up at 6am this morning and worked out. we’ll see how the rest of the week pans out but i’m optimistic that i will stick to this. i’m taking a big risk throwing this out there for all the world (or the 3 people that read my blog) to see. but i want to stick to this one. hold me to guys.

what are some routines that you have? talk, share, discuss


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