got milk?

16 Feb

for a while now i’ve known i have some intolerance to dairy products. in the past it hasn’t been to bad i just had to limit my intake and i would be ok. this jim gaffigan clip has always made me laugh…

yes…i have to be careful of the “spicy milk”

recently it’s gotten pretty bad so i am going to be a little more aggressive in my approach. i’ve been trying to find a milk substitute. i would try and avoid it all together but i gotta have my cereal. so here is my take on 4 different finds of lactose/dairy free milks.

lactaid – tastes exactly like milk at first but then has a weird aftertaste. I have also found it to be expensive and not available everywhere.

soy milk – i originally thought i did not like soy milk. i had tried it once before and remember not caring for it. but i recently purchased some vanilla soy milk and it tasted really good – a pleasant surprise. this could be a regular stand in for me. and they have it as a option at starbucks!

rice milk – was gross and looked and tasted watered down…a big let down.

almond milk – this was surprisingly good! i bought the vanilla and chocolate flavor (both with the same amount of calories as fat free milk!) and were both yummy.  i probably wouldn’t buy the chocolate flavor on a regular basis but the vanilla would be a good “pour over cereal” and “put in my coffee” option.

so there you go.  i may look back on this and wonder…why in the world did i post about my digestive issues and different kinds of non-dairy milk…what was i thinking…what the hey…there it is…maybe someone will find this useful…i did give you a funny jim gaffigan clip…


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  1. What I’ve been doing – part two « God | Life | The World - November 4, 2012

    […] While we are on the subject of reading food labels lets talk about allergies. Yup…I’ve got em…which makes reading the labels all the more important. I’m allergic to shellfish (not a huge issue…it’s pretty easy to avoid) and all dairy products. This has been a new one for me this year. And can be a little complicated. When i say all dairy products i’m talking milk, cheese, cream, butter, milk chocolate…basically anything that comes from a cow. I used to just stay away from lactose with the occasional ice cream treat…now…my body pretty much rejects all forms of dairy…in one of two ways…I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination. So this has bee a pretty big part of my dietary needs…finding dairy free alternatives to things and really reading the ingredient lists for dairy or dairy bi-products. On the plus side…dairy can be pretty heavy on the calories so this frees me up quite a bit. *if you’d like to read my story of how I discovered an alternative to milk you can read that he… […]

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