february update

12 Feb

Greetings from “snowy” Atlanta! Everyone is up in arms here because there is talk (1-3 inches) of snow this afternoon. i’m a little skeptical but we’ll see what happens. I hope things are well with you. Odds are if you’re reading this from the U.S. you’ve seen some snow too. I hope if it’s chilly outside you’re staying warm.

It’s been a busy start to 2010 for me and the Global Youth & Family Ministry.
In my last update I wrote about the first set of classes for the partnership with Global Youth & Family Institute & Covenant Seminary. Here’s what John Chung wrote about the class…”On January 19-22, Dr. Eric Larsen and I were able to teach at Covenant Theological Seminary. It was the official launch of the North America Global Youth and Family Institute. We taught a 3-credit hour intensive course at Covenant Seminary to 40 students on the theology of global youth and family ministry. The students called the class a great success and are clamoring for more classes in youth ministry at the Seminary and in their local church contexts. This has been two-years in the making…”  Thank you for praying for this time! I am so excited that it was so successful! here is a picture of the first class.

it’s so fun to see many familiar faces that were there!

Last month I aslo mentioned being part of MTW’s Reentry Conference. I had a good time with the kids there and it was fun to start to building relationships with them. This was also a great time to encourage the families as they go through the constant transition of Home Ministry Assignment.
Here’s a picture of the girls playing lunar (blacklight) mini-golf – that’s why you can’t see their heads and their clothes are glowing – 🙂

It’s fun to think that some of these kiddos will be at our next area retreat in October.

Speaking of the Latin America Area Retreat in October, we’ve already begun our initial planning for the Youth Program! It’s really exciting to begin this process again. My first area retreat on the youth Team was in Panama 4 years ago so with this retreat I will be coming full circle. The girls I had in my middle school small group in Panama will now be in High School! I’m excited to see them again and continue with those relationships!  I would appreciate your prayers as we continue to plan and prepare for the retreat in October.

My support raising is continuing to progress well. I have 2 appointments on the calendar for meetings with missions committees at churches here in Atlanta. I am excited to get to spread the news of what we are doing in the Global Youth & Family Ministry to these churches. I would appreciate your prayers as I share with these missions committees.
I’m at 42% of my $3,900 a month goal. I would so appreciate your prayers with me as I work to be at 100% by the Area Retreat in October!
**Online giving now available – You can now give online by going to – http://tinyurl.com/y8ca465 (this is a shortend URL – you can also go to mtw.org and click on the online giving link.**

Thank you for your continued prayers and support as we seek to “Reach the Nations & the Next Generation”

In Him, Ruthanne
His mercy extends to those who fear him, from generation to generation.  Luke 1:50

Ruthanne Burch
::freedom is not free – slk::


One Response to “february update”

  1. Claudia February 12, 2010 at 7:19 pm #

    It was great meeting/seeing you in person at the Re-entry Conference. We saw your parents at Oak Mountain in Birmingham, but only for a short time; I was way too tired to “hang out”. We’ll be praying for all that you have on your plate. Btw, no snow in L.A.! 🙂

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