11 Feb

lately it seems like every time you look at the weather for the US somewhere is being inundated with record breaking snowfall.  one person i heard say that atlanta seems to be impervious to this…it can be snowing all around us but never here.  it’s like a reverse snowglobe…think about it…

i have lots of family up in the DC area and it’s been CRAZY to see them talk about the snow.  my dad’s sister said they shoveled 30 inches (almost 3 feet!) of snow off their deck. here is a picture of another aunt (my mom’s sister in law) going out to but bird food in the feeders in their back yard…this is amazing to me that birds can even fly in a blizzard!

according to the weather reports we may get some of the white stuff tomorrow (friday). now that i’ve written this it probably won’t happen. but you can be sure if it does i will be out with my camera.

happy snowmaggedeon!


One Response to “snow”

  1. Charles Jones February 11, 2010 at 5:36 pm #

    I am soooo very jealous of the snow people!!! Love you posts. Keep up the good words and work!!

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