a rental experience

9 Feb

this past weekend i had the itch to go out into atlanta and take some pictures. as i was thinking about where i wanted to go i remembered a friend of mine telling me that you can rent camera equipment – particularly lenses. PERFECT! i  love my nikon d40x but i have the standard kit lense that came with it. this works well most of the time but has pretty limited zoom and angle capabilities.  so i decided this would be the perfect weekend to try out renting a lens.

there are several different websites you can go to to rent camera equipment but for most of them you have to wait for them to ship to you. not gonna work for me this time – i needed it now – i’m an instant gratification kinda girl – i decided to go on this little excursion on saturday morning at 9:30am – not the best timing but i digress.  so i hit up google and did a search for “camera lense rental atlanta ga”.  i  got the standard “mail-order” sites that i already new about and one place where you had to have a business insurance policy and  and fork over at least $1500 in a deposit on top of the rental fee – I don’t think so.  as i continued down my results i stumbled upon a thread that someone had started asking the same question i was – how convenient! Someone in response to this thread mentioned a website called aperturent.com

the commenter mentioned that this site is a mail-order site but is based in atlanta and you can arrange local pickups – PERFECT! so i headed on over to check it out.  their prices were MUCH more reasonable and the site was easy to use. after a little bit of digging i found where they explained the local pick-up. so i emailed them and asked about doing a one day, day of rental with pick up for a lens and a tripod. this was asking a lot anyways because on their site the least amount of time you could rent a lens was for 3 days and i only wanted it for one.  to be honest with you i did not think i would hear back from him till monday – i mean it was 9:30 on a rainy cold saturday morning – i was upset that i was even awake. but in 15 mins i heard the ding of my computer telling i had a new message from Oscar at aperturant.com telling me – No problem! he even gave me 25% off because i was not going to have it for the whole time and i could pick it up in an hour! how’s that for service! this instant gratification girl’s heart was happy. so i took a gamble and placed my order. and $45 later i was picking up a REALLY nice lens and tripod for my day of picture taking. i returned the lens to him the following day.

i have to say i had a a great experience with Oscar over at aperturant.com. he was SO easy to work with and the equipment was in GREAT condition.  i would recommend them to anyone. thanks aperturant.com!

i  had a great time day taking pictures – although it was REALLY cold. it was good for me to get to test drive a different lens to see how it performs. i can’t wait to rent from them again.  i rented a wide angle lens this time – next time i might rent  a fisheye lens and play with that! here’s one of my favorite pics of of the day. taken in east atlanta village.


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