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23 Feb

every morning when i get to work i put my stuff in my office and go fill up my water bottle from the water cooler. every morning.

by the way – this is my water bottle – it’s a camelbak – i heart it – it’s the best one out there in my opinon!

there’s something comforting about routine. i can control it. i can rely on it. it’s fun to mix up your routine but then their is always comfort in going back to that routine. it’s like putting on your favorite pair of slippers…it just fits.

but starting new routines are hard. i’m trying to get into a new morning routine where i get up at 6am and work out. so far i have been successful. i got up at 6am this morning and worked out. we’ll see how the rest of the week pans out but i’m optimistic that i will stick to this. i’m taking a big risk throwing this out there for all the world (or the 3 people that read my blog) to see. but i want to stick to this one. hold me to guys.

what are some routines that you have? talk, share, discuss



18 Feb

you’d have to be living in a hole in the ground to not know that olympics season. the winter olympics are fascinating to watch because, as i heard one of the commentators say, most winter olympic sports are all CRAZY dangerous.

I saw this video on another blog i read and had to share.  This is the original footage from the calgary olympics where the jamaican bobsled team amazingly walked away from this terrible crash. I’ve never seen the actual clip of this.

i couldn’t resist adding a clip from cool runnings…great movie…and what ever happened to Doug E. Doug?

got milk?

16 Feb

for a while now i’ve known i have some intolerance to dairy products. in the past it hasn’t been to bad i just had to limit my intake and i would be ok. this jim gaffigan clip has always made me laugh…

yes…i have to be careful of the “spicy milk”

recently it’s gotten pretty bad so i am going to be a little more aggressive in my approach. i’ve been trying to find a milk substitute. i would try and avoid it all together but i gotta have my cereal. so here is my take on 4 different finds of lactose/dairy free milks.

lactaid – tastes exactly like milk at first but then has a weird aftertaste. I have also found it to be expensive and not available everywhere.

soy milk – i originally thought i did not like soy milk. i had tried it once before and remember not caring for it. but i recently purchased some vanilla soy milk and it tasted really good – a pleasant surprise. this could be a regular stand in for me. and they have it as a option at starbucks!

rice milk – was gross and looked and tasted watered down…a big let down.

almond milk – this was surprisingly good! i bought the vanilla and chocolate flavor (both with the same amount of calories as fat free milk!) and were both yummy.  i probably wouldn’t buy the chocolate flavor on a regular basis but the vanilla would be a good “pour over cereal” and “put in my coffee” option.

so there you go.  i may look back on this and wonder…why in the world did i post about my digestive issues and different kinds of non-dairy milk…what was i thinking…what the hey…there it is…maybe someone will find this useful…i did give you a funny jim gaffigan clip…

february update

12 Feb

Greetings from “snowy” Atlanta! Everyone is up in arms here because there is talk (1-3 inches) of snow this afternoon. i’m a little skeptical but we’ll see what happens. I hope things are well with you. Odds are if you’re reading this from the U.S. you’ve seen some snow too. I hope if it’s chilly outside you’re staying warm.

It’s been a busy start to 2010 for me and the Global Youth & Family Ministry.
In my last update I wrote about the first set of classes for the partnership with Global Youth & Family Institute & Covenant Seminary. Here’s what John Chung wrote about the class…”On January 19-22, Dr. Eric Larsen and I were able to teach at Covenant Theological Seminary. It was the official launch of the North America Global Youth and Family Institute. We taught a 3-credit hour intensive course at Covenant Seminary to 40 students on the theology of global youth and family ministry. The students called the class a great success and are clamoring for more classes in youth ministry at the Seminary and in their local church contexts. This has been two-years in the making…”  Thank you for praying for this time! I am so excited that it was so successful! here is a picture of the first class.

it’s so fun to see many familiar faces that were there!

Last month I aslo mentioned being part of MTW’s Reentry Conference. I had a good time with the kids there and it was fun to start to building relationships with them. This was also a great time to encourage the families as they go through the constant transition of Home Ministry Assignment.
Here’s a picture of the girls playing lunar (blacklight) mini-golf – that’s why you can’t see their heads and their clothes are glowing – 🙂

It’s fun to think that some of these kiddos will be at our next area retreat in October.

Speaking of the Latin America Area Retreat in October, we’ve already begun our initial planning for the Youth Program! It’s really exciting to begin this process again. My first area retreat on the youth Team was in Panama 4 years ago so with this retreat I will be coming full circle. The girls I had in my middle school small group in Panama will now be in High School! I’m excited to see them again and continue with those relationships!  I would appreciate your prayers as we continue to plan and prepare for the retreat in October.

My support raising is continuing to progress well. I have 2 appointments on the calendar for meetings with missions committees at churches here in Atlanta. I am excited to get to spread the news of what we are doing in the Global Youth & Family Ministry to these churches. I would appreciate your prayers as I share with these missions committees.
I’m at 42% of my $3,900 a month goal. I would so appreciate your prayers with me as I work to be at 100% by the Area Retreat in October!
**Online giving now available – You can now give online by going to – (this is a shortend URL – you can also go to and click on the online giving link.**

Thank you for your continued prayers and support as we seek to “Reach the Nations & the Next Generation”

In Him, Ruthanne
His mercy extends to those who fear him, from generation to generation.  Luke 1:50

Ruthanne Burch
::freedom is not free – slk::


11 Feb

lately it seems like every time you look at the weather for the US somewhere is being inundated with record breaking snowfall.  one person i heard say that atlanta seems to be impervious to this…it can be snowing all around us but never here.  it’s like a reverse snowglobe…think about it…

i have lots of family up in the DC area and it’s been CRAZY to see them talk about the snow.  my dad’s sister said they shoveled 30 inches (almost 3 feet!) of snow off their deck. here is a picture of another aunt (my mom’s sister in law) going out to but bird food in the feeders in their back yard…this is amazing to me that birds can even fly in a blizzard!

according to the weather reports we may get some of the white stuff tomorrow (friday). now that i’ve written this it probably won’t happen. but you can be sure if it does i will be out with my camera.

happy snowmaggedeon!

a rental experience

9 Feb

this past weekend i had the itch to go out into atlanta and take some pictures. as i was thinking about where i wanted to go i remembered a friend of mine telling me that you can rent camera equipment – particularly lenses. PERFECT! i  love my nikon d40x but i have the standard kit lense that came with it. this works well most of the time but has pretty limited zoom and angle capabilities.  so i decided this would be the perfect weekend to try out renting a lens.

there are several different websites you can go to to rent camera equipment but for most of them you have to wait for them to ship to you. not gonna work for me this time – i needed it now – i’m an instant gratification kinda girl – i decided to go on this little excursion on saturday morning at 9:30am – not the best timing but i digress.  so i hit up google and did a search for “camera lense rental atlanta ga”.  i  got the standard “mail-order” sites that i already new about and one place where you had to have a business insurance policy and  and fork over at least $1500 in a deposit on top of the rental fee – I don’t think so.  as i continued down my results i stumbled upon a thread that someone had started asking the same question i was – how convenient! Someone in response to this thread mentioned a website called

the commenter mentioned that this site is a mail-order site but is based in atlanta and you can arrange local pickups – PERFECT! so i headed on over to check it out.  their prices were MUCH more reasonable and the site was easy to use. after a little bit of digging i found where they explained the local pick-up. so i emailed them and asked about doing a one day, day of rental with pick up for a lens and a tripod. this was asking a lot anyways because on their site the least amount of time you could rent a lens was for 3 days and i only wanted it for one.  to be honest with you i did not think i would hear back from him till monday – i mean it was 9:30 on a rainy cold saturday morning – i was upset that i was even awake. but in 15 mins i heard the ding of my computer telling i had a new message from Oscar at telling me – No problem! he even gave me 25% off because i was not going to have it for the whole time and i could pick it up in an hour! how’s that for service! this instant gratification girl’s heart was happy. so i took a gamble and placed my order. and $45 later i was picking up a REALLY nice lens and tripod for my day of picture taking. i returned the lens to him the following day.

i have to say i had a a great experience with Oscar over at he was SO easy to work with and the equipment was in GREAT condition.  i would recommend them to anyone. thanks!

i  had a great time day taking pictures – although it was REALLY cold. it was good for me to get to test drive a different lens to see how it performs. i can’t wait to rent from them again.  i rented a wide angle lens this time – next time i might rent  a fisheye lens and play with that! here’s one of my favorite pics of of the day. taken in east atlanta village.

mobile blogging

7 Feb

this is a test to see how blogging from my phone works. if all goes well – we may have a serial blogger on our hands.