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i’ve moved

3 Dec

hello world! i’ve moved into the world of wordpress.  i’ve been blogging for quite some time over at and had a great home over there but some things were lacking.  it wasn’t easy to embed media into my blog posts. my posts didn’t show up well in various blog readers. and the biggest thing is that i had to be at my computer to blog. that was really cramping my style…so i bit the bullet and decided to move over here. all my old posts continue to be at the old place (and i hope to get it all imported over but we are still working on that) but i will henceforth be blogging from here…i’m already really liking it and noticing some great changes.  and the big thing that i am looking forward to is…mobile blogging…i can now blog from my phone!  watch out world!

please bear with me as i work out the kinks and get all my content in place.

thanks for staying with me!